Today's Very Naughty Read features a bad boy tattoo artist and a drunken, naughty good-girl who finds herself with a hangover, a brand new tattoo on her butt and a hot steamy night she doesn't really remember. But she's been Claimed by a guy she'll never forget.

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Claimed: A Bad Boy Romance

I tattooed my name on her, she belongs to me.

I’m wallowing in my PTSD and toasting my army buddies who didn’t make it home when I notice this insanely hot chick all alone in the bar.
Before long she’s wrapped in my arms back at my studio.
She only sees me as a bit of rough for the night but after one taste I want more.
I doubt she’ll remember me in the morning so I tattoo my name on her a$$.
Cybil takes off without giving me her number but I’ll find her.
She’s mine now.
She is claimed.
Whether she wants to be or not.

***no cliffhangers, no cheating, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters.***


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