My good friend Rud not only doesn’t have a smartphone, but he has also been homeless. 

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If you love getting inspired by stories written years ago in an ancient culture read this book "Illustrated Myths & Legends of China: The Ages of Chaos and Heroes"


My favorite? The story of Jianmu - the tree that connects Earth and Heaven. It is OK to move up the tree quickly, but only if you move in a nonlinear, smart way. Because if you climb straight up you will make the gods angry. Ergo: It is OK to be fast, but do not use shortcuts.

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What stories do people like? There are 3 shapes. Let the one and only Kurt Vonnegut using chalk, a black board and humor  teach you storytelling in 4 minutes. 

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Source: Maciej Jakubowski

Have a calm and beautiful weekend!



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