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New favorite mountain getaway: Shaver Lake. (Due east of Fresno)

After the heat of our very long summer, escaping to 5,000+’ and a clear blue lake for a long weekend was a little piece of heaven. Add a large, accommodating AirB&B with room for my whole family, and you have the makings for a super birthday getaway. BONUS: the house sits at the foot of Sun Rock dome. We scrambled up for sunset and the next morning, too.

We hit the lake the next day aboard Kelly’s recently acquired pontoon boat. Have you heard this song? Believe it or not, it came up in random play and we all sang along.

The water was low enough for the kids to create an island art project.

We returned to the house for a fabulous barbecue, a bit of jigsaw puzzling, a movie, and a great night’s sleep. Being on the water was a lot of fun, but the birthday boy and I were pooped. What do you expect, we’re officially old.😉

The next day we went exploring with JP and Sarah. Amazing beauty that included a new-to-me Giant Sequoia Grove. There’s really no way to do justice to these amazing trees.

Then we visited two other crystal blue lakes. Beautiful memories!


Linda Barrett’s joined the box set party with her awesome, heartwarming series: No Ordinary Family, available for the first time as a 5-book box set! It is available in Kindle Unlimited for free!

These stories highlight the five Delaney siblings—orphans—and how they survive their loss by depending on one another. The first four books feature the younger sisters and brothers who are now adults. When love enters their lives, they face their greatest fear as well as their greatest chance of happiness. Are they ready to take that leap of faith?

The fifth book, The Broken Circle, takes us back to when it all began. A deep dive into a young couple’s hopeful but rocky marriage as they try to keep this fragile family together. You might even want to read this one first! Totally up to you.

Purchase NO ORDINARY FAMILY for only 99¢ today!


Free to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

The fabulous Jean Brashear has a new box set out. I know you won’t want to miss it.

Second Chances Boxed Set (7 great stories. I promise.)

Second chances for love abound in this collection of stories from young lovers parted by others or parted by secrets held, to older couples whose happily-ever-afters couldn’t survive life’s heartaches.

But sometimes fate cannot be denied. Sometimes your meant-to-be just takes some time to find its way to you.

Sometimes love just needs…a second chance.

Gabriela Navarro believed she and Eli Wolverton would always be together…until he abandoned her.

They had the perfect marriage…until he lost his way. Then he lost Bella herself.

The golden boy and the rebel girl who cost him everything

Once they had it all: a home with a man who adored her, three children they cherished, a life filled with passion and promise. Until one troubled child cost them everything.

Ria Channing ran from a tragedy of her own making six years ago, a pariah in the family and home that were once perfect…until she destroyed them. Can her family forgive what she can't forgive herself?

He did twenty years in prison for her twin's murder…now is he the only one who can save her?

Her dream house is the scene of his nightmares, yet her capacity for joy draws Micah from his darkness and makes him want to hope. But a secret could shatter their fragile bond…before it ever has a chance to grow.

Purchase SECOND CHANCES for only 99¢ today!


Free to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

And, finally, after a lot of starts and stops, I found a cover I like and somehow managed to squeeze 10 books—my entire Black Hills Rendezvous series—into one box set, which is available to buy for the crazy price of 99¢ or you can read for free on Kindle Unlimited (my preferred choice, believe me).

So, please, dear friends, MEET ME IN THE BLACK HILLS.

Lights. Action. Camera.

Are you ready for your close-up, Sentinel Pass?

Change hits the sleepy, Black Hills town of Sentinel Pass like a tsunami from a blockbuster movie when Hollywood heartthrob Cooper Lindstrom falls for the Pass’s favorite daughter, postmaster Libby McGannon. It’s only a matter of time until other locals, including the members of Libby’s Wine, Women and Words book club, get written into the script.

This contemporary western romance collection includes ALL TEN-book set in the Black Hills, Malibu, LA, and Louisiana. In this small town, secrets, mystery, murder, and revenge are more than plot points in a script…when love is at stake.

So, won’t you please MEET ME IN THE BLACK HILLS?

BOOK 1: BLACK HILLS BABY - Libby McGannon’s dating pool is bone dry and she wants a baby. A straightforward trade becomes anything but simple when Cooper Lindstrom blows into her sleepy Black Hills town. They strike a deal, but terms need renegotiating when Cooper realizes he wants to be a father not a sperm donor, and Libby discovers his plan to make Sentinel Pass a household name.

BOOK 2: BLACK HILLS BILLIONAIRE - Success can hide a multitude of secrets, but when Hollywood's "wunderkind" producer/director Shane Reynard agrees to set Cooper Lindstrom's new TV sitcom in the Black Hills he knows he’s risking more than a boatload of money. He's risking a war with the twin brother he hates. What he didn't count on was making Jenna Murphy—his first love and biggest regret—a target.

BOOK 3: BLACK HILLS BAD BOY - Look out, Sentinel Pass, Jack Treadwell's got a brand new Harley—and a no-more-Mr.-Nice-Guy attitude. He’s bad to the bone…sort of. Single mom Kat Petroski knows love-at-first-sight can’t be trusted, and happily-ever-after only exists in romance novels. She’s too busy—and too smart—to fall for a RUB—rich urban biker. Until she does.

BOOK 4: BLACK HILLS BACHELOR - Single by choice. That's what Mac McGannon tells himself. With both feet firmly on the ground—or in his family's gold mine beneath terra firma—Mac has no time for the "Hollywood types" that have invaded his hometown of Sentinel Pass. But try telling that to his little daughter who believes Morgana Carlyle is a real life princess sent to be her new mommy.

BOOK 5: BLACK HILLS NATIVE SON - Eli Robideaux’s vision quest takes him down a road he never wanted to walk—to the past. His mistakes—even the ones made for the right reasons—come back to haunt him. Stumbling across Char Jones feels like grabbing on to a lifeline that might save him from falling into the bone-deep despair that had been his father’s ruin. But her secrets are just about enough to unman him.

BOOK 6: BLACK HILLS SECRET SANTA - Ask anyone in Sentinel Pass. They’ll confirm: Rufus Miller is an enigma. A mystery man content to live and work in his Black Hills cabin with little or no contact with people. Where’d he come from? What’s his story? What’s a Dream House? Those answers are pure speculation...until marketing guru Rachel Grey shows up with plans to make Rufus’s art the next big thing—just in time for Christmas.

BOOK 7: BLACK HILLS WHITE KNIGHT - A-list agent-to-the-stars William Hughes leaves high drama to his clients. When asked to fly Daria Fontina and her two daughters to a safe house in the Black Hills, William doesn’t hesitate. After all, neither of them are looking for love.

BOOK 8: BLACK HILLS RANCHER - A stunt-woman? No way would Cade Garrity rent a room to a woman who risks life and limb for a living. The Black Hills rancher is a single dad with an impressionable young daughter who’s recently expressed an interest in bull riding. But when Jessie Bouchard drops out of the sky into his arms, he realizes he can’t let her go.

BOOK 9: BLACK HILLS STRANGER - Jonas Galloway has a lot of nerve asking for help from Remy Bouchard—his high school sweetheart whose heart he broke after a terrible lie destroyed their hopes for a future together. But his seven-year old daughter, Birdie, has disappeared and Remy is the only one he trusts to find her—after all, Remy’s unique abilities saved his life when he was a child.

BOOK 10: BLACK HILLS LEGACY - Robyn Craine, new owner of The Mystery Spot, has big plans for the Sentinel Pass tourist attraction. She gambled her surprise inheritance to buy the adjoining piece of property to turn her business into a year-round travel venue. Robyn doesn’t have time to fall for Liam Temple, a handsome actor whose father is ready to go to war over Robyn’s land. But when they get caught in a thunderstorm, Liam realizes he’d do anything to spend the rest of his life with Robyn.

Purchase MEET ME IN THE BLACK HILLS for only 99¢ today!


Free to Kindle Unlimited Subscribers

In two days, Paul and I off in the RV headed East. I’m so excited to catch up with family I haven’t seen in too many years and reconnect with old friends from high school.

Happy reading, my friends.


Next Newsletter, hopefully, Sept 15: travel pics and more book news.



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