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Customers, clients, buyers, co-workers, colleagues, bosses, and office frenemies unite to say "You had one job! So what's wrong with you?!" Open full post

Here's a video of a lovely neighborhood hawk who was completely confused about the “duck” it saw. Except it wasn’t really a duck—it was a duck lawn ornament. Open full post

How we spend $100 at the grocery store and what it means to us will vary wildly depending on our personal spending habits, our tastes, and our current financial situation. Open full post

Michael Gardner is a 36-year-old father who's discovered his biggest passion—sewing clothes—by looking for a way to make his daughter feel happier and more confident. Open full post

If your tenant invites a bunch of friends over and they wreck the house that belongs to you, you’d probably consider kicking them out before the lease is up, right? However, it's a story with a twist. Open full post

Storm Filomena has covered Spain in heavy snow, disrupting road, rail, and air travel. In fact, the weather has been so bad, the country's interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska called Filomena "the most intense storm in the last 50 years." Open full post

Looking stylish lies at the classy intersection of good taste and unwavering confidence in yourself. Open full post

Let's talk about the actor Jonah Hill and his new incredibly adorable best friend named Fig. Recently, Jonah Hill adopted a 3-year-old charcoal grey pit bull terrier from Love Leo Rescue in LA. Open full post

With all that's been in the news lately, one can easily think that humans are just the Earth's waste. And while that probably applies to some of us, there are plenty of awesome people as well. At least that is what the subreddit r/HumansAreMetal is trying to prove. Open full post

Let us introduce you to Betty—a scared and grumpy 5-week-old rescue kitten who found a way to come out of her shell after becoming friends with a yellow lab mix named Truvy. Open full post

Nathan Shipley puts the paintings of famous historical personalities to good use. He uses them together with AI to recreate an incredibly realistic image, making something which was impossible even to imagine a few decades ago. Open full post

People say they won't be able to fall asleep until Home Alone 2 has no traces of the 'Trump scene' left. Open full post

South Korean tattooist Sion Kwak uses tattoos to tell stories of identity, beliefs, tradition, culture, and values by creating delicate designs of knots and tassels that are like no other. Open full post

At times, certain encounters between wild animals can appear like the perfect scene from a Pixar movie. Well, at least from the first sight. Open full post

Here's a handy list of acceptable donations to the food bank, approved by a former food pantry employee! Open full post

Did you know that giraffes can also have dwarfism? A science team from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation recently discovered two dwarf giraffes—the first of their kind known to science—in Namibia and Uganda. Open full post

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