Both national Aboriginal art galleries on hold

[Jeremy Eccles, Aboriginal Art Directory]

The NT got really excited when the current ALP government was elected and announced not one but two 'Iconic' institutions for Alice Springs covering both the art and culture, established committees and appointed executives and set aside $50m (which it seems they don't really have!), and chose a site that's turned out to be a quagmire for the project.

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Today hosts fiercely debate Australia Day


Today’s new entertainment reporter Brooke Boney has waded in to the Australia Day debate during her first week on air, delivering an impassioned argument for changing the date.

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Indigenous non-alcoholic beer launched at Tjapukai

[by Liz Inglis]

Sobah Badha Gali premium beers, Lemon Aspen Pilsner, Finger Lime Cerveza and Pepperberry IPA, were launched in Tropical North Queensland at Tjapukai.

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MDBA Water management - Don't put Dracula in charge of the blood bank

[by Michael ‘Ghillar’ Anderson]

It is NOT just caused just by the drought but is also a culmination of man-made mismanagement; corruption at the highest levels; and major development without scientific evidence-based planning in the formative years of the MDBA.

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