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Healthcare Cybersecurity Newsletter - December 7, 2017

24By7Security, Inc. listed in the Top 10 Healthcare IT Security Solutions Providers – 2017

A good amount of technical expertise, business knowledge and strategic planing goes into securing any healthcare system; be it a solo practice or a multi-location system. It is the only way security experts can effectively bring about a balance between the undying quench for impenetrable devices and the continuous demand for user-friendly, accessible tools and software by medical users.  Healthcare IT Security editorial board along with panel of industry analysts have selected top ten security solution providers that exhibit innovative technologies and strategies.  24By7Security is proud to make it in Healthcare Tech Outlook's Top Ten Most Promising Healthcare IT Security Solution Providers - 2017!


24By7Security: The Cybersecurity and Compliance Pioneer!

Sanjay Deo - President and Founder of 24By7Security, Inc., the cybersecurity and compliance pioneer has nearly two decades of experience in managing cybersecurity and compliance program for healthcare, finance, and insurance. He found many healthcare providers focused just on the health of the patients, giving no due importance to the security and privacy of patient information. Drawn by this lack of sensitivity, amounting to serious violations of HIPAA act, Deo went on to establish 24By7Security to provide specialized consulting services, helping healthcare facilities  build a HIPAA compliant IT infrastructure that can help and protect them from cybersecurity threats. Having made a mark at strong-arming IT security in healthcare, 24By7Security has come to expand its specialized consulting services to other industries such as insurance, finance, retail, and hospitality.


Improve Healthcare Data Security with a Strong Backup Strategy

In healthcare organizations, there are constantly two topics that are brought up: healthcare data security and resiliency. An annual study on healthcare data security revealed that data breaches in healthcare are costing the industry $6.2 billion, and remain consistently high in terms of volume, frequency, impact, and cost. These costs have yet to decline since 2010, despite a slight increase in awareness and spending on security technology. There is one overall solution with few challenges to take care of - a good back up strategy. Over the last couple of years, new solutions from a variety of vendors offer some great backup options when it comes to healthcare. But organizations need to incorporate data management and cloud computing into their backup strategy for more comprehensive healthcare data security. It’s important o understand why a good backup strategy is important for both data management and security.


Navigating Encryption In A HIPAA World

How much would a HIPAA violation really cost? Recently, one healthcare provider paid a class action lawsuit settlement of $3 million for losing two laptops, each with over 1 million unencrypted patient records. In reality, settlements and fines are only a portion of what a provider would have to pay in the aftermath of a data breach. Other costs likely include identity theft protection/credit monitoring for the victims, loss of customers, and efforts spent trying to get systems back online/protected — and the risks and costs keep getting higher. The most commonly targeted industries are those that manage personally identifiable information (PII), such as healthcare, insurance, financial and others.  So what’s the first step in protecting your organization from external and internal threats? Encryption. HIPAA’s goal is to protect private patient information. The security rule within HIPAA states that encryption is not required but once a provider performs a risk assessment, they should decide whether encryption is necessary. 

As a rule of thumb, it's better to be safe by using encryption than leave patient data unsecured and be sorry.


Health-Care Industry Increasingly Faces Cybersecurity Breaches

People launch cyberattacks for a variety of reasons. Some are simply having fun; others are deliberately trying to destroy infrastructure. But a common reason is to steal intellectual property or personal information for financial gain. The health-care sector is “a resource-rich environment” for those looking for information due to the wealth of information health-care providers store: family history, medical history, financial information. Health-care organizations also have a lot of information that can be valuable to those who want to commit health insurance fraud, Medicare fraud or identity theft. With the move toward electronic health records, the industry has become a bigger target. Experts offer these ideas for shoring up security to prevent or mitigate attacks:

  • Education and awareness.
  • Simplicity.
  • Backup systems. 
  • Emergency planning.
  • Constant vigilance.
  • Realistic regulations.
  • Healthy attitude toward risk. 
  • Cooperation. 

24By7Security Risk Assessment

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