Variant Covers!

Live on Kickstarter, my comic book Mayfield Eight Part Three: "Faster, Faster!" has a new update.

As an extra feature, this comic isn't limited to one image only for the front cover. It has three more. You can get all three at pledge levels starting at $49, which by the way includes SIX comics, a real bargain!

Free shipping to the US.

Here's a preview of them:

Maxine French.

Part One had a very popular variant image of our beloved Biker Chick Maxine French. This time I'm rolling it out again with her on her bike popping an awesome wheelie, whilst flames belch out!

Scared in the parking lot.

There's a tense part of the story involving hiding out. Kinda tricky for me, but here's a vision of a pair of scared eyeballs peeking out through a motel room window, only to see a horde of bikers descending on the parking lot looking for her!

SAMCRO? No, Banshee!

Lastly, I'm a huge fan of Sons of Anarchy! A friend of mine, who has spent some time writing 'fan fiction' involving key characters from that show. Impressed by his writing, I asked him to lift the characters he's used and put them squarely in the Mayfield Eight world (switching out 2015 era California Central Valley for 1974 New Mexico). The result is surprisingly good! Can you guess which characters these two were inspired from?

As an added feature I'm including a couple of prose pages of story written by my friend in the back when this comic gets printed. (caution: adult content)

Only 12 days left!

The time is running out quickly for you to get your copy of Mayfield Eight Part Three. Click the image here and Make a pledge today!

Next Thursday: You in the story OR You in the Poster!

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