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14th June 2020

Hello everyone, welcome to the latest newsletter from Classical Greek Tutoring. No, I haven't been time-travelling, last week's newsletter should obviously have been dates 7th June and not 14th! My apologies! 

On the subject of time-travel, if you don't already know I am a big fan of sci-fi, and one of my favourite ever films is Back fo the Future. I have often thought what it might be like to travel through time back to ancient Athens. First of all, I would not like to do this as myself, since life as a woman wasn't much fun - I would either end up as a slave or a noblewoman. While being a noblewoman was much better than being a slave or servant, women of stature were cooped up in the house, and had little personal freedom. It would be much more fun to be a fly-on-the-wall!

The latest novel by Caroline Lawrence is entitled 'Adventure in Athens' and is the second in a series called 'The Time Travel Diaries'. It is a children's novel but this did not in any way lessen my enjoyment of it, particularly when the protagonists bump into the handsome Alcibiades, and the young Plato. Since finishing 'Adventure in Athens' I have moved on to read 'Home Fire' by Kamila Shamsie, a brilliant reworking of Sophocles' Antigone, set in modern Britain and the USA.    

I hope you enjoy the beautiful image below of Athena, in which she is said to be mourning the Athenian dead. This sculpture can be seen in the Acropolis Museum. 

Keep scrolling for news of Bettany Hughes' new TV series following the route of Odysseus' journey home from Troy.

Keep safe and well. With best wishes, Helen

Classics on TV

A Greek Odyssey with Bettany Hughes

Bettany Hughes is on UK TV screens frequently. Just last week she was taking us through the top 10 treasures of Pompeii. On Friday past, the first episode of her new series was aired on Channel 5, in which she tracks the journey of Odysseus as he made his way home to Ithaka from Troy. Details of when and how to watch can be found here.

Online Courses

Belfast Summer School in Latin and Classical Greek

Advanced Latin and Greek

There are still places available in the Advanced Latin and Greek classes being held from Monday 20th - Friday 24th July. There are two hours of online lessons daily, conducted on Zoom and work will be set for completion between lessons and for the next day.

Texts to be read in the advanced classes are Tacitus' Histories 1 (note the change from previous announcement) and Sophocles' Antigone. All course material will be provided by email. The fee for the week is £70. 

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