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IAF July 2019 eBulletin

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Second International Falconry Meet in Paraguay

The 2nd International Falconry Meeting in Paraguay was held between the 8th and the 15th of July. Falconers from Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Ireland, the United States and a veterinarian from Brazil attended.

The week commenced with a falconry mass and was filled with a variety of activities. The Paraguayan IAF member ACCAPP provided the participants with the opportunities to see bat falcons, Ornate hawk eagles and forest falcons hunting a variety of prey in their native habitat. In the middle of the week, an expedition to the Misiones region of Paraguay was undertaken to hunt hares with a golden eagle and to test the agility of the bat falcons on snipe.

This was followed by the First International Falconry and Conservationist Conference of Paraguay on the 12th of July. During this event, several falconers, veterinarians and rehabilitators spoke on a range of issues affecting falconers and wild raptors in the region. IAF representatives held presentations covering a range of topics including the positive role of falconers in the world, the cultural dimensions of falconry, raptor electrocution and the IAF education program.

Later that day, the 2nd IAF Latin America WG (GTLA) meeting was chaired by GTLA Chairman Leonardo Vargas and was well attended by regional IAF member representatives. A focus of this meeting was the restructuring of GTLA into different commissions, each of which are chaired by a specialist in this field. The week ended with a falconry excursion close to Asunción, where the native giant wood rail (Aramides ypecaha) and creamy-bellied thrush (Turdus amaurochalinus) were hunted with an ornate hawk eagle and a forest falcon. The last night the game which had been caught during the week was cooked and everyone exchanged thoughts about the week's hawking.

Below: Members and observers at the 2nd IAF Latin America WG (GTLA) meeting

2019 Council of Delegates Meeting 1st-6th December, Carmona, Spain

To register to attend the IAF Council of Delegates Meeting (delegates, official club representatives and invited observers) please complete the online form.

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Egyptian kestrel rescue project

The Egyptian Association for Conservation of Wild Birds (ACW) and the Raptors Club of Egypt are collaborating on a project to rescue kestrels. This project seeks to address the large-scale illegal hunting and poaching of kestrel chicks which are especially susceptible to this due to their increasing propensity to nest in residential areas. Studies have found that kestrels are being put under further pressure due to the use of agricultural chemicals which lead to liver diseases and reduced weights. This project aims to increase kestrel populations by:

- Assisting government authorities in the collection of illegally kept birds from markets and releasing them in specially designated protected areas.
- Creating artificial nests in the wilds to assist kestrels in their breeding efforts.
- Raising awareness of the importance of this falcon’s ecological role.
- Raising awareness of the use of chemical pesticides in areas with large raptor populations.
- Continuous research and inspections to further assess this situation.

You may share any ideas or comments which you may have with us via Any help which you may give us, be it your time as a volunteer, financial support or distributing awareness of this cause would be greatly appreciated.

New Slovak Legislation - falconers exempted from the draft implementing decree on the breeding of dangerous animals

Based on expert knowledge and practical experience, it is proposed in Slovakia to classify all species from the Falconiformes order and all species from the Strigiformes order, i.e. all birds of prey, as dangerous animal species. This law is primarily designed to restrict primates and raccoon species etc.. Furthermore, it is proposed that specific requirements for the breeding or keeping of selected species and for the establishments breeding them be laid down in the annex.

Those specific requirements include a specific exemption for licenced falconers who belong to a state registered falconry organization. From its inception, the Slovak falconry club worked on this legislation with the ministry and the falconers are very happy with the result. There is a similar piece of legislation and a similar exemption in Russia.

This is an example of falconers being pro-active when it comes to legal changes, which is great for the art of falconry. IAF  is strongly supportive of falconers' exams/qualification and of well-controlled hunting-falconry. This article began "Based on expert knowledge .." Legislation happens in all countries, usually copying from neighbouring countries. Please, all falconers take note that such "expert knowledge” should include FALCONERS' expert knowledge.

The ADIHEX Conference is a 5-day premier learning platform that offers free-to-attend workshops, panel discussions and case studies. Conference and workshops are open to everyone attending ADIHEX from 27-31 August 2019. Venue: ADIHEX Exhibition in the National Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi 

New in 2019, this key event plays a ground-breaking moment of knowledge-sharing and networking in the sector’s annual calendar. It will also convene global policymakers and protectors of sustainable hunting.

The 2019 theme is Sustainable Hunting and the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF) is a partner to bring you expert presentations from key speakers from the following organizations and more:

  • BERN Convention on the Conservation of European Wildfire and Natural Habitats
  • Convention on Migratory Species
  • IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature, Sustainable Use and Management of Ecosystems)
  • Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi
  • International Fund for Houbara Conservation

In addition to this, leading regional companies and organization are positioning themselves to capitalize on this new opportunity to share the latest in ADIHEX’ new sectors this year: 

  • Equine Rescue by Dhabian Equestrian Club
  • Animal Rescue and Adoption Initiatives

 For more information and if you are interested to be part of the ADIHEX Conference, please contact: or Andrew Davies, Conference Producer:

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