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ISSUE 157, 17 NOV 2020
Metadata Madness

Krafty Librarian

A medical librarian asserts the importance of good metadata, and shares the process of implementing a discovery system to make accessing siloed information easier. 

Libraries That Are Local

Leon Bolton/ Princh Library Blog

The significance of the local library as a community resource - from the point of view of a British librarian with 25 years experience.

So you want to be an academic librarian? You should learn about OERs.

Hack Library School

A guide to understanding Open Educational Resources (OERs) for MLIS students looking for academic librarian positions.

Don't Judge A Homeless Book By Its Cover

Transgressive Archivist

Having spent time in a homeless hostel, this guest post from Aspiring Librarian answers questions on how to engage with homeless communities and addresses some stereotypes and assumptions about homelessness.

Making Customizable Interactive Tutorials with Google Forms

Meredith G Farkas/ Information Wants To Be Free

Meredith Farkas talks us through her process of designing high-quality, instructional interactive online tutorials.

Åbok, Turku’s own Book-Tinder

A Finnish book recommendation service that allows users to also browse shelves virtually. An algorithm analyses anonymised loan data to make recommendations for customers and provide information on collection data for staff. 

Libraries can help rebuild our war-torn society

Elijah Hoole/ Medium

A retired librarian from Open University of Sri Lanka and Jaffna University reflects on how reading can help heal war-torn communities, as well as a 30-year career that saw the advent of digitization and online access. 

Hydrogen Peroxide, Lollipops, and Toilet Paper: Check Out Pandemic Library Take-Home Kits

Abigail Clarkin/ Book Riot

Stories of six American library staff who have risen to the challenge and created new, innovative resources that targeted particular needs of patrons during the pandemic.

Social Media and the Distribution of Knowledge about Missing Syriac Manuscripts

The Digital Orientalist

How the use of Facebook is helping to locate lost, hidden or stolen Syriac manuscripts.

Remote Meetings Space, a project in Panevėžys Elena Mezginaitė Public Library (Lithuania)

Naple Sister Libraries

Overview of a project to ensure continuity of library services during and after lockdown. Remote Meetings Space provides a range of services including a virtual meeting place where children connect with artists, folk artists, writers and other creatives.

The next generation discovery citation indexes - a review of the landscape in 2020

Aaron Tay/ Musings about librarianship

An overview of how new discovery citation indexes have evolved over the past 5 years, plus an in-depth look at whether any of the newcomers could rival Google Scholar or Web of Science/Scopus. 

Get the Most Out of Zoom, Nearpod, Biblionasium, and Other Tools While Teaching Remotely

Lauren J Young/ School Library Journal

Whether teaching remotely or socially distanced, this article considers how school librarians can support and educate teachers on which tech is best for keeping students engaged. 

Mirador v3.0.0 is released

Jack Reed/ Stanford Libraries

The Mirador development team at Stamford Libraries announce the release of Mirador v3 image viewer with a list of new features. 

Caring for our colleagues: Wellness and support strategies for remote library teams

College & Research Libraries News, Vol 81, No 10 (2020). 

Cynthia Hudson-Vitale and Rebecca Miller Waltz

This report looks at straightforward and easy-to-implement strategies that library leaders can use to support the well-being of staff whose working patterns have drastically changed since Covid-19 hit. 

Mapping the Current Landscape of Research Library Engagement with Emerging Technologies in Research and Learning

Association of Research Libraries

Sarah Lippincott

A report that builds on published literature, looking at opportunities for research libraries to engage with emerging technologies. 

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