How the media fails Aboriginal aspirations

[Amy Thomas, Andrew Jakubowica and Heidi Norman, The Guardian]

Our research into 45 years of print coverage of key initiatives for Indigenous self-determination reveals that black perspectives are rarely presented as legitimate.

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Two women on same flight as Peter Dutton contract coronavirus


Prisoner advocate Debbie Kilroy and indigenous activist Boneta-Marie Mabo were on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles with the Minister, before he found out he was infected with coronavirus.

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Aaron Pedersen and Holly Ringland take you BACK TO NATURE

[by Bridget Stenhouse]

We’re particularly pleased that Aaron Pedersen with Holly Ringland will front authentic and fascinating storytelling about the Indigenous history, mythology and ancient wisdom underpinning our land.

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Leonie's striving for the big picture to 'help close the gap'

[by Marc Barnbaum]

For most of her adult life, Leonie Johnston has been working as a de facto social worker, with a passion for helping Indigenous people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues.

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