NSW budget fails to deliver for Aboriginal communities

[by Ash Witoslawski]

The NSW Government has missed an important opportunity to support locally-led economic recovery by ensuring sustained investment in Aboriginal housing, land and water rights, and the protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

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Are children colour blind and inherently ‘not racist’?

[supplied by Nicole Barlow]

Charles Sturt's Dr Ryan Al-Natour challenges existing ideas when it comes to racism and our children in his presentation at the Early Childhood Voices 2020 Conference.

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Prisoners in WA are being taught Aboriginal language to aid rehabilitation

[Aaron Fernandes, SBS]

The centre, which prepares women for re-entry into the community, has been chosen as the trial site for the Western Australian government's new Aboriginal Languages in Custody program. 

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Bagot Aboriginal community still opposes Dan Murphy's bid for Darwin megastore despite location change

[Felicity James, ABC]

Helen Fejo-Frith says the Bagot Aboriginal community does not want a Dan Murphy's store in Darwin — at any location — and that her feelings about it could not be any stronger.

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