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...for now. Everything is temporary. 🧡

Spring has arrived! The birds are chirping, crocus’ are blooming and despite our confinement (or because of it) it will be impossible to resist getting outside for a little run or walk in the coming weeks. 

When so much has been stripped away - gyms, classes, races and so much more - there is a certain joy to see that what remains is running and walking. 

Simple, solo, restorative. 💪

I want to extend my thanks to so many of you who have shopped with us and send wonderful supportive messages. There is so much kindness being shared! Thank you! 

I’ve had quite the tour of neighbourhoods doing deliveries. 🏘 I feel like a Christmas Elf leaving packages of delight on the doorstep.

Our extensive data base holds your shoe size and preferences. We can put the right shoes on your feet.

If you have questions of any kind please reach out. I am in the store everyday to take your call.

(416) 923 9702 or email us at

Need suggestions or would like to see the colour choices? I’m happy to send pics via email or text, FaceTime… what ever you like. We're getting creative here!

Please continue to Shop Local. We appreciate your business, need your business, and are determined to be here, standing strong, when this challenge is behind us.

Together we will get there 🤗

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New Balance Women's Accelerate Tank V2
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runnersshoptoAs the weather is getting nicer we realize some people might want to get outside after a long winter and try their hand (feet) at running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ We’re offering a complimentary 12 week build up program (downloadable from the home page of our website) 🤗 Do this at your own pace and please do it alone (or only with people you’re living with). 💞 Being able to stay home is a privilege, so is being able to go out for a run. So to all new and seasoned runners out there, don’t abuse it, stay safe, and stay home as much as possible 🥰 most of all, enjoy your running. . . #introtorunning #newrunner #newrunners #couchto5k #couchto30mins #torontorunning #torontorunners #newshoes #runningshoes #runningprogram
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You are never running alone. Somebody somewhere is also running now.  🏃

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