We're beyond thrilled to announce that NomadMania has soared to a whopping 50,000 registrations! This incredible milestone wouldn't have been possible without our vibrant community.

To celebrate, we've launched a dazzling giveaway of a round-trip flight ticket worth 1000 USD!

Don't miss out! Head over to our giveaway post on Instagram now and join in our celebration. Your next adventure might just be on us!

Ukraine Tour & Awards - Promo Video Alert

The anticipation is building and we're adding more fuel to the excitement! Check out the new video on our Youtube Channel for a peek at the Ukraine Tour and NomadMania Awards.

Book your spot now for the tour and be there for the big Awards Ceremony in Lviv on October 20th. We have three ticket options to choose from.

And don't forget! You can nominate your favorite traveller for an award.


If you're curious to see some footage from the ground in Ukraine, check out recent stories on our instagram from Orest Zub and Boris Kester (who is actually joining this tour).

New Badge Alert - Participant of Events

We're always looking for ways to recognize and celebrate the active participation of our community members.

And here's our latest addition - the "Participant of Events" badge!

This special badge is an emblem of the vibrant memories created at NomadMania live events. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned traveler, attending our events is not just about connecting dots on the map; it's about connecting with fellow nomads.

If you visited any of our events (big or small) within the last year, simply hit REPLY, send us a picture from the event and tell when and where it was.

Our team will grant you badge :-) 

If you want to host an event, here is a guide for that.

New Interview - Vishnu Saha

Meet Vishnu Saha, an audacious Indian traveller who's not just visiting places but living them! At just 24, Vishnu has trodden paths across 35 countries, challenging travel norms and reimagining what it means to be a globetrotter.

This isn't just about pins on a map, it's about the stories he crafts and the bridges he builds between cultures.

Q: What is usually important for you in travel?

A: I'm more focused on people and I'm more focused on travelling as locally as possible. I don't prefer staying in hotels much. I try to couch surf or stay with the locals as much as possible. 

Check out our face-to-face chat with Vishnu in Lviv, Ukraine as we unpack more about his adventures and insights.

Read the full interview with Vishnu here on our blog.

Indian Travellers Webinar

We're right in the middle of the month of India where we have been celebrating amazing Indian travellers. Don't miss out on an opportunity to engage with some of India's most passionate and well-travelled souls.

Join us for "The Biggest Indian Travellers Panel" - an open webinar where these globetrotters will dive deep into diverse travel topics.

Date: Saturday, August 26, 2023. REGISTER HERE

New Verified Members

We have some exciting updates! Our community continues to grow with the inclusion of new UN Verified members:

  • Ezra Gojenola-Pertika 🇪🇸 with a remarkable 192 countries visited. Fun fact: Ezra managed most of these visits in just the last 1½ years!

  • Thorbjørn C Pedersen 🇩🇰 now a UN master and last year's winner of NomadMania's Biggest Traveller Award.

  • Pongtharin Tanthasindhu 🇹🇭 holds a distinguished position as the No.1 traveller in Thailand with 177 countries visited.

  • Diana Boyer 🇺🇸 with an impressive 172 countries visited.

  • Magali Hinojosa 🇲🇽 rounds up our list and is also the latest UN Master!


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