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Monday, June 4, 2018


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MONDAY NIGHT PODCAST -  TOPIC: The Control Factor (trailer) - In a recent discussion, I mentioned to some friends about this movie they had not seen or heard of, called "The Control Factor."  Since the movie is available on YouTube, they got together one day, ordered pizza, and watched it on a computer.

For those who may not have been aware, this is a movie featuring an A-list Hollywood star, Adam Baldwin, about targeted individuals.  And believe it or not, It was released 15 years ago in 2003. 

The central character is a TI who has V2K urging him to murder his wife. He is also being group stalked.  The local perp control center is even shown mind controlling the crowd around him in one scene.  You may even recognize some of the community lingo as the movie progresses.  

The movie is well-written and acted, so you may consider referring it to someone you are trying to introduce to our issues. 

The entire film is posted in our "Featured Video" section from a YouTube link.  This movie is recommended viewing for all TI's.  

Tonight, I will run the trailer with a brief discussion to follow.  

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Thanks to Charles Harding for his informative presentation Saturday night.  For those who missed it and would like to review it, you may download and review it at the following link:  

Microwave Surveillance - Satellite Surveillance Operations


Bill Basil and I want to form a TI support and activism group in the Washington DC -- Baltimore -- Northern Virginia area. The emphasis of this group would be planning and conducting public awareness and activism initiatives in the nation's capital. The group is not officially formed yet, but we will form a group if we get the minimal amount of required interest in this area. Persons interested can contact Bill at

While I support the formation of this group and would be an active participant, I am not in a position to take a leadership role at this time (due to my other obligations and TI activism work).

Matt Aaron

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Featured Video

Control Factor

Running time: 1:08:32

One day, Lance is attacked by a total stranger as he walks down the street, begins hearing voices, and believes those voices are encouraging him to kill his wife. Lance discovers that he is the subject of a government plot to control the people of the world.

Community Forum


Kelly Wallace, a woman from LI NY, is being remotely controlled by DEW directed energy weapons for many years.

Kelly grew up going to dance class and piano lessons at age 7. At Catholic school she was on a track and softball team, won medals in second place for track team, and first place poetry contest (1-9grades). She graduated from High School with Honors in English & Math,special award in typing. She went to college as a performance major in piano,and got a certificate in music recording engineering. Studied with Jazz pianist Wes Belcamp of Five Town College. Two students chosen a year, Kelly was chosen as one of the 2 students for jazz piano performance studies with the Chairman of Five Towns College. She met the Count Basie Orchestra and spent a week with the band at concerts. Played piano and sang at a few resturaunts. She completed a travel agent course.

She worked clerical,switchboard,retail,health gym jobs and was a Poll inspector,coordinator, chairperson for Election days for 10+years. Bird watcher for years and did a bird study for NYS park,Cornell Lab and seasonal Horseshoe crab studies for Dowling college. She completed 2 neuropsych tests with above average person in skill scores. One test completed in an hour, that is a 6 hr test.

She went to a TI conference led by Madeline, (girlfriend of Magnus Olsson)at Warsaw University and Ole Dammagard. She met Ewa Pawela of the TI Stopzet organization, and had an interview about her targeting with NTV Poland, news reporter Janus.

Microwave(radio frequency, Elf,EMF,Scalar) radiation signals are induced into Kellys' brain and body.

Some experts in the field of science and medicine told Kelly, that her brain could have been mapped out, making it easier for organized criminals to remotely control her.

Other possibilities, she could have a biosensor, microchip, nanobot inside her body, that could work like an antenna, receiving and outputting signals that can control her.

Kelly Wallace has spoken several times by phone, with Dr. Barrie Trower, UK, Navy Veteran, Microwave scientist. According to Dr.Trower, microwave signals transmit frequencies of a certain range. They can be sent to the brain, with one or more frequency signals, carrying an AI recorded human emotion.

Ms. Wallace is being assaulted 24/7 with powerful, heavy driven, unnatural emotions from the created AI and the controller(criminal)inducing their constant  evil,sarcasm,sadist,manipulative,sexual,ego, and hatred for her(and women). It's felt in her eyes,face,teeth, tongue,body,cns. These emotions are not of her identity. She has been able to identify and differentiate between the recorded AI emotion,and the criminals' induced emotion.

The controllers who use the weapons on Kelly, try to force her to physically act out violently on herself or her personal things, but she doesn't. They have controlled her face, mouth, teeth, in anger and her hands to pick, rip into her skin.

She is a non-violent person. Horrifying still images,controlled dream(nightmare)manipulation, forced speech, and using her own voice in her head, to say things she doesn't, is done daily.
The transmission of the criminals' emotion can possibly be done through a scientific method called "computer to brain interface" or "brain to brain interface".

The radiation signal attacks the inside of her brain, and she states it's a squeezing feeling, like hands squeezing her skull together and not letting go, making her head cramp,with excruciating pain.

She is experiencing multiple torture effects from the microwave signals. Crimes are being done to her, such as stalking, trespassing, drugging to her food, phone hacking, electronic control of appliances, sound harassment, etc.

She is remotely operated to her eyes,to see through her eyes, controlling her bones and muscles in the face, move the teeth reverse to pain move her tongue in unatural ways to pain. She has no privacy of her thoughts, feelings. Her equal rights to public places is interfered with. Her right to eat sleep bathe pray is interfered with by remote control of her limbs and sexual violations. She has damages to certain body areas. This is not a medical condition doing this.

Kelly has no history of hearing voices or schizophrenia. She has a doctor in her defense, named Dr Seth Farber(psychologist and author). A technology method called v2k is being used on her daily. V2k( a military technology, used in the Iraq war)can transmit ones' voice to a persons' brain, using a microwave signal(and microphone) attached to the directed energy weapon. She is being sent horrifying messages, of sexual words, put downs, cursing, name calling, mocking. They try to make hey feel bad about herself for not following their command.

Her human rights have been taken. She is a hostage, kidnapped into a covert program, with no warning, no knowledge, no written consent or volunteering for any military or medical university. She is constantly monitored, remotely controlled like a puppet, robot, and has no free will or freedom without their presence. Forced into confinement, for many years, with not alot of sun, exercise, or socialization. All the effects and control make it difficult for her to have any kind of life. She has been forced to move several times, not wanting to move.

She has written to officials for help and met with legal advisers of UNCHR in Geneva Switerzland, on May 5, 2017, showing proof of crimes,her court case (2014), and medical damages. They believed her, but couldn't help. She asked to apply for humanitarian asylum. They told her that the case worker rejects 99% of cases from the United States, because the USA is not seen as a country that tortures their own citizens. If rejected, she could not come back for seven years.

Kelly wallace is still seeking someone who is an expert at scanning frequencies of her body. She is also seeking legal help, to get the remote control stopped, and any arrests, orders of protection, against her perpetrators.

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