Book Three

So, I'm finishing up Book Three

And I got a great review from Chris Fried at The Indie Athenaeum, Hit the link and check it out. Chris is so good at reviewing books he makes you want to buy your own book.

Book three of this series is coming along nicely. Melody and her friends are experiencing new friends and new challenges. And of course... New villains, in her post-apocalyptic world of no song. 

As always, books 1 - 3 are available on Amazon and I'll put the buttons below.

Also wanted to tell you about what I'm reading. Ted Chiang is the marvelous author of a Story called Stories of Your Life and Others. If you saw the Movie Arrival, that is the story it was based on. 

I'm reading his new book Exhalation, and I strongly recommend it. This guy makes you think about things in a whole different way.

Anyway, my friend, I hope you have a great rest of your day and happy reading.


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