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September 2020 - Oysters, Decluttering & New Experiences

Ok, someone advise the Heavens, it’s the 1st of September! It’s Spring darn it, because as it stands right now in the Cape, we are experiencing snow on the mountains. And, well, its … fresh!!!   However, Spring is all about new beginnings, new growth and new motivations, but before we dive into the new beginnings, we need to declutter, make clear choices and make way for the new.

August was that month for me. You know that adage, “Be Careful What You Wish For?” Well, when I set the intention of Release for August in 3Q2020 ThriveBox , I had no idea! Some release was by design and some were impressed upon me, however, the first one hit early like, day 1 of August and when I realized what was happening, I was able to see it for what it was. A decluttering of my time, my life and my most precious commodity, my energy.

So, after August and releasing bits & bobs (here is a bit of fun, that might kick your Decluttering into touch - Declutter-Bingo ) – what do you want to begin anew this September? What do you want to start? What do you want to re-visit? What do you want to take on?

Here are some tips around being BRAVE and embracing the New!

  1. Define your Core Values – Being clear about who you are and what your core values are, can be a powerful decision-making matrix. EMAIL ME to work through and gain clarity on your Core Values!
  2. Be Prepared to Try New Things – I am always in awe of the person who ate the very first raw oyster or escargot, who knew two culinary explosions would commence based on their bravery. Now I am not asking you to eat a raw oyster, but I am asking you to try. I bet there will be more wonderful, instead of oh hell no!
  3. Failure Doesn’t Have a Full Stop! Trying new things means you do risk some things not working out, BUT it’s really more … information, a data point. And then don’t give up! More like, Ok, not this, let’s try that. For example, me and ball sports – not so much, seriously not my thing, but give me good music and a rhythm and I am sure we can try a jiggy.
  4. Be Flexible, Be Teachable – The ability to look at things from a different perspective is a gift. Develop that! And being teachable, allows new experiences to step into your world.
  5. Be Outstanding – You were never designed to fit in, so be outstanding. Stand out from the crowd. Surprise yourself and grow by embracing new experiences.
  6. Ditch the Perfectionism – While I love the striving thereof, a crippling debilitation of being perfect will stop you every time from doing new exciting this! So maybe less perfectionism and more, this is awesome!
  7. Until Further Notice Celebrate Everything – Goals are great and indeed VITAL, and we need key milestones but until further notice celebrate everything. In so doing, we are bound to meet new people, who will take us off on new adventures and introduce us to amazing new experiences.

So, this September, my challenge to you is to embrace the new, go in search of the unknown, welcome new beginnings and view all sub-optimal information as a data point, to go in the opposite direction.

Until next time … Be Safe!

Warm regards
Collette Merritt
The Thrivalist Life Coach
Be The Change Coaching – Moving from Surviving to THRIVING!

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Warm regards
Collette Merritt The Thrivalist Life Coach

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