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Guess what's been finished for a long time and is just sitting there inexplicably not showing up at Audible?

If you guessed the second ABCs of Spellcraft collection, you guessed right.

I maintain the self-publishing workings over there are a series of levers and pneumatic tubes with one frazzled guy pushing the buttons. The way things happen (or don't happen) is a matter of timing and luck. 

While I was double-checking to see if the audio was ready yet, I remembered I had some cute pictures of Dixon in my shopping cart and decided to make us a jigsaw puzzle to play while we wait. There are so many adorable photos of him I can't use because they wouldn't fit correctly onto a vertical ebook cover...but they're too good to pass up. 

Clearly Dixon is in disguise....

It's a quickie, 35 pieces.

Take Me to the Puzzle

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