Promise of Redemption now on pre-order!

Thank you so much to those of you who purchased and / or reviewed my Happily Ever Box Set last week! The price will remain at $2.99 for most of today, so be sure to buy before it goes up! 

So, what is to come next? So glad you asked! First of all, Promise of Redemption is now available on pre-order! Check out the link below to read more. I hope you love the cover! It is one of my favorites.

Pre-order Promise of Redemption for $0.99!

As for the tentative schedule, here it is below:

August 7th

Promise of Redemption

(Searching Hearts 5 -- Daniel’s story)

August 14th

Wicked Rogue of Mine

(Box Set with six other wonderful authors. Includes my Unmasking a Duke)

October 2nd

Happily Ever After Book Six

November 1st

Christmas Anthology

(Box Set with 15 other amazing authors. I will soon be writing a Christmas novella for it!)

November 20th

Christmas Novel

What are you looking forward to? Do you have any questions?


This week’s historical fun fact!

Telling time in Regency-era.... in my next Happily Ever After, which I am currently writing, our heroine asks our hero what time it is, and he responds he has no idea, but that it is sometime in the middle of the night. In the Regency era, they were primarily concerned about the hour. They would sometimes speak of half past/quarter past, quarter to the hour, but never in precise minutes as clocks were not very accurate until the Industrial Revolution. Exact minutes and even seconds could be told only be very expensive, very rare timepieces that someone such as a scientist might use. For regular folk -- including the gentry -- they primarily told time by clocks and pocket watches. There were also church bells that would ring through towns and cities for those who couldn't afford time telling instruments in their homes. The longcase clock became the most accurate type available in private homes, could be found in the residences of most affluent and sometimes middle-class homes by the Regency era. Bracket clocks, mantel clocks, and lantern clocks were also available, as was the traveling carriage clock by 1812.

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Weekly Reads


The Reluctant Heir

By Jean Jacobsen

Opportunity. Betrayal. Love.
New York, 1830

After tragedy strikes his family, Liam Granger, once simply considered the spare heir, is given a choice--marry a proper society chit, or travel to America and oversee the family's holdings. Seeking adventure and opportunity, he chooses to return to the land of his birth. Shortly after arriving, he discovers a devious scheme and is forced to flee Boston for New York. Injured and seeking asylum, Liam meets Erin, the only woman who has ever stirred both his intellect and his passions.

A bloodied, bruised, and hunted man was the last thing hardworking inn keeper Erin Baldwin expected to find in her courtyard. Although circumstances urged her to send Liam packing, the way her beloved dog Jack took to him convinced her to give him sanctuary. She discovers a kindred soul, and is soon fighting a powerful attraction to this impossibly handsome man. As she grows closer she wonders, what are his true intentions?

The discovery of a secret document brings Liam and Erin closer and enables them to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Will they be partners until they reap their rewards, or is their partnership meant to last a lifetime?

The Reluctant Heir is an American historical romance set in New York's Hudson River Valley in the 1830's. If you like strong female characters, roguish heroes, and 19th Century adventure tales, you'll love Jean Jacobsen's latest novel. 

Buy this sweet romance on Amazon Today!

His For The Claiming

By Ju Ephraime

Tristan (Tris) Campbell accepts the fact that his brother came back to them from the land of the fae. He accepts that life in the Highlands with his clan is fraught with strife and danger… that they will be forever warring with opposing clans for Scottish independence. What he doesn’t expect is that, like his brother Alasdair, he, too, will travel through time to find his one true love, Lady Brianne O’Connor.
Lady Brianne O’Connor has vowed never to take a husband, and as she is her father’s only child and heir, he does not dissuade her but allows her to live as she pleases. After her new husband is murdered, or so she thinks, she takes to unexplainable weeping, spending all her days and nights in her bedchamber at Kilchurn Castle mourning him. That is the only place in which she feels safe… the only room where she can be with the love of her life. She is torn with grief by his untimely death.
Tristan comes upon a woman in a vision, and now he must find a way to connect with her… a woman he is convinced he knows but, for the life of him, can’t recall from where. Bent on finding the woman who stirs his senses like no other, Tris will not rest until he can feel her in his arms again…. 
Will he succeed? Will Lady Brianne’s mourning finally be over?

Buy on Amazon NOW
Nook Link

The Duke and The Spinster

By Arietta Richmond

A Duke who needs to marry, a Lady who expects to never marry, a summer house party, a nefarious plot, gossip designed to harm, a desperate adventure, a love that redeems.


Lady Juliana Willoughby, whose first Season was such a disaster that it was her last, finds herself at a country house party, all for her pretty sister’s benefit. She expects nothing more than to hide away in corners, and avoid socialising, sure that no man would ever want to marry such as her.

Garrett Rutherford, Duke of Kilmerstan, needs to marry, and get an heir. But he has yet to meet a woman he does not flinch from, even though some pursue him relentlessly. Dragged to the house party for his sister’s benefit, he expects nothing but boredom. Then he sees Lady Juliana.

But there are others at the house party who have less than honourable intentions towards both the Duke and Lady Juliana.

Can they defeat the plot against her, and save each other? Will love have a chance to blossom, amongst despair? Or will they be forced apart forever?

A new series of delightful Regency stories, from multiple authors, all with a connection to the town of Upper Nettlefold
- look for the Nettlefold Chronicles logo to read them all!

Buy this clean Regency on Amazon Today!

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