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Triple-A “Triple-A: Enhancing at an Early Stage the Investment Value Chain of Energy Efficiency Projects” is an EU-funded research project under the Horizon 2020 programme, aiming to assist financial institutions increase their deployment of capital in energy efficiency, making investments more transparent

In particular, Triple-A project is seeking to identify which investments can be considered as Triple-A investments, fostering sustainable growth, while also having an extremely strong capacity to meet their commitments, already from the first stages of investments generation and preselection/ pre-evaluation.

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Stakeholders Role in Energy Efficiency Investments

Stakeholders engagement in energy efficiency investments is crucial and becoming an important component aiming to enlighten the gap of all policy- and decision- support processes. Target groups that participate in the entire energy efficiency investments value chain are the ones that will provide the required knowledge to achieve the objectives of Triple-A.

A concrete methodological approach for stakeholders’ analysis and engagement plan published by Triple-A explaining how to make the stakeholder engagement process manageable and effective at the same time. The report describes the methodology with respect to stakeholder identification, prioritization, and communication.

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Triple-A News

Renovation Wave: What’s in for Greece?

28th of May 2020, online event

Triple-A was presented in the online event Renovation Wave: What’s in for Greece? which took place on the 28th of May 2020. 220 participants, coming mainly for Greece but from other EU countries as well as Belgium, Denmark, France and more, attended the online event.

The event was organised within the EU Green Deal's initiative "Renovation Wave" by the Institute of Zero Energy Buildings (INZEB). The event's objective was to present the initiative as well as ways that can increase the renovation rate of buildings supporting energy efficiency investments.

The video recording and the presentations of the event are available here.

Utilisation of new tools and models for buildings’ energy renovation and for investments

30th of April 2020, online event

Triple-A participated in the Utilisation of new tools and models for buildings’ energy renovation and for investments webinar held on the 30th of April 2020.

The webinar was organised by the Association of Greek Valuers (A.VA.G), while more than 370 certified real estate auditors participated in, mainly coming from the engineering and financing sectors.

Representatives from NTUA (Triple-A coordinator) presented the concept and progress of Triple-A and discussed with relevant stakeholders how Triple-A Tools could support the Greek Valuers and the energy renovation in buildings, in general. Another significant outcome was the establishment of synergy between A.VA.G and Triple-A in various phases of the project. 

Triple-A Upcoming Events

Smart and sustainable local energy planning

2nd of June 2020, webinar

EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network, in collaboration with the Environmental Center for Arab Towns and with the support of Dubai Municipality and ATO, is organising a webinar entitled Smart and sustainable local energy planning, on the 2nd June 2020 at 10.00 CET.

The scope is to exchange experiences, knowledge and best practices on all aspects of smart energy cities and intelligent energy management, as well as smart and sustainable local energy planning.

NTUA will participate and present Triple-A objectives and approach towards mainstreaming energy efficiency projects.

For more information and registration please click here.

EUSEW2020 Policy Session "Energy transition: new business models to de-risk investments and kick start the EU building renovation wave"

18th of June 2020, online event

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The Triple-A project in cooperation with a group of 6 relevant EU projects, is coorganising the EUSEW2020 Policy Conference Session “Energy transition: new business models to de-risk investments and kick start the EU building renovation wave”.

The digital session is to be organised within the framework of the EU Sustainable Energy Week, on the 18th of June 2020 at 12:00-13:30 CEST. The group consists of Triple-A and the following Horizon 2020 EU-funded research projects: SENSEI, NOVICE, LAUNCH, QualitEE, QUEST and U-CERT.

This session aims to demonstrate how a selection of front running H2020 projects are working to overcome barriers to achieve the doubling of the building renovation rate needed to reach the EU’s ambitious 2050 goal of becoming the 1st 'Climate-Neutral Continent' (EU Green Deal).

Download the Agenda here!

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Triple-A Infographic

Triple-A investments will be identified in the 8 Case Study countries, strategically selected to enhance the extracted outcomes of the Triple-A project.

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