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May 16, 2020

"Thoroughly enjoyed the process of reading books 1 through 7. Looking forward to more stories." - A J

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On the Homefront

Now that the warmer weather has finally arrived, we are able to take our dogs on a walk through the woods. Daisy, who dragged her heels all winter, seems to particularly enjoy the woodland paths and often leads the way. In some ways, it feels as though spring has woken her up.

Tilly, on the other hand, is thrilled by all the new smells. Spring is the perfect season for them since the heat of summer wears on them, both being black-haired dogs. Even the walks this week leave their tongues hanging out by the time we return home.

It seems like we had quite a few false starts to the nice weather this year, and for a while, it looked like Mother Nature might just reload winter. In the end, it was worth the wait, and now we can go outside without dressing in so many layers.

With the summer months headed our way, and extra time for reading, Daisy and Tilly wanted to make sure that you had one final chance to download any of the books they have given away over the past two months., and they threw in one more just because they like you so much!!! Hope you like Sword of the Crown, Heir to the Crown: Book Two!

Carol and l also hope that these free books have helped you through what has been a very tough time these past few weeks. If you have already enjoyed them, please follow the links to your favourite retailed and leave me a review. I really enjoy reading them, and yours might be picked for the next newsletter!!!

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The Awakening / Into the Fire

The Frozen Flame Prequels

Mercerian Tales:

The Call of Magic

Heir to the Crown: Book 4.5

Mercerian Tales:

Stories of the Past

Heir to the Crown: Book 2.5

Sword of the Crown

Heir to the Crown: Book Two

This one is a new Freebie!!!

Review The Frozen Flame Prequels
Review MT: The Call of Magic
Review MT: Stories of the Past
Review Sword of the Crown
Portals, Gates and Standing Stones

Very early in the development of Heir to the Crown series, I decided that there were invisible lines of magic that permeated the world. I chose to use the term ley lines, since according to popular legend, they are associated with 'earth powers'. Whether or not they are real is immaterial, the fact is that it was a familiar term that translated well into my mythos. Ley lines on earth are said to run north and south, from pole to pole, but to add a wrinkle, I added horizontal lines as well, and the intersection of these lines produces areas of great power.

In Heir to the Crown, it is recognized that an ancient race used these lines of force, but what of the Continent? It, too, has its own mythology concerning these lines of power, but so far, they have yet to be referenced in my other series. This is mainly due to the characters' circumstances and the fact that they have had little bearing on the current plots.

Will this change? Most assuredly! The background to my world has explanations for many strange things, but I like to reveal such information slowly, when appropriate to the plot. Going forward, this will have enormous ramifications for the world, but will it be for good or ill?

You'll have to wait and see, but I am curious to know what you think!

Wow, I have been writing for over three years!

As I sit here at my computer beginning work on my fifteenth book, I think back on what I’ve managed to accomplish so far. When I wrote my first book, Servant of the Crown, I had no idea how well readers would take to it. The response has been fantastic, and the success of that title, and the ones that followed, have allowed me to turn my writing into a full-time career.

Now, just over a year after leaving my job as an IT instructor, I am full of creative energy. I recently released Defender of the Crown, Heir to the Crown: Book Seven, and I have just finished the first draft of Temple Knight, Book One in my new series Power Ascending. My second series, The Frozen Flame, is also going well as I start in on Flames: Book Three.

I am actually juggling the series to release them at about the same intervals each year. Occasionally I might dip into a side story, as I did with Mercerian Tales, but by and large, I work on one book at a time. This doesn’t, however, prevent me from quickly adding a note to an outline if the thought strikes me. This has led to some interesting subplots in some of my stories and shall continue to do so in the future.

Temple Knight, however, is a bit of a shift for me. It is an epic story, on the scale of Heir to the Crown (though not quite so many books), while still maintaining a single point of view. Heir, of course, offers multiple points of view while The Frozen Flame, though primarily telling the story through the eyes of the two protagonists, often introduces the villains by showing their plans coming to fruition, or at least attempting to.

Temple Knight will also differ in another way, for the next story in the series will be Warrior Knight, which tells the story of Ludwig Altenburg. (He first shows up in the prequel to Power Ascending, a tale entitled Tempered Steel.) Don’t worry though, Temple Captain will follow, along with the rest of the series.

On Monday, May 25, 2020 at my usual time of 5:30 pm EST. I will be reading the first chapter of Mercerian Tales: The Making of a Man, which mirrors Sword, but with some very distinct differences!

Work in Progress Update

This week I finished the first draft of Temple Knight and began working on Flames, the third book in The Frozen Flame series. This consisted of tweaking my outline, including adding a whole new subplot as well as detailing out a map of the area in which all the action takes place. This story continues where Embers left off, with Athgar and Natalia making their way north on the advice of the Ancestors. There have been hints on what’s happening north of the Grey Spire mountains, and now the heroes will learn the truth of it. (Sorry, I can’t say more without giving anything away.)

Flames will likely be the same length as Ashes and Embers, perhaps a little longer. I have also been working on the next in the series outlines, and I’m pleased to announce that the next title in The Frozen Flame will be called Inferno. Originally, I had envisioned three sets of three stories, but it now looks like it will be sets of four. Inferno will wrap up some story elements introduced in earlier books as well as adding some new ones.

In the meantime, I must get back to writing!

Until next time, Happy reading!

Author Spotlight!

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Dragon's Reach: The truth is neither plain, nor simple. 

Sable, a thief who can sense the truth in people’s words, has spent ten years trying to escape from a ruthless gang boss. Though she gains her freedom, out at the edges of civilization she discovers a new, terrible truth—the Kalesh Empire, long believed to be an ally, is gathering to attack. 

It should be simple to warn the people, but the Empire’s lies are deeply entrenched. Sable’s gift is stronger than she thinks, but will it be enough to convince the land of the truth before the Empire destroys them all?

The Sunblessed Trilogy: The glow itself seemed to be alive, breathing, spreading under the baby’s skin. One question filled my mind: Who is this child? 

Tavi Malin is born facing the sun, filled with greater magic than any other sun-blessed child. Her uncontrollable, destructive power frightens those around her—almost as much as it terrifies Tavi herself. 

Dissidents in a distinct city band together, and begin killing to attain gray magic, an ominous new force that breaks the rules of ordinary magic. But to seize true power, the Grays must grow their ranks—and Tavi is a prize worth pursuing. 

If Tavi is to prevail against the Grays, she must find courage that goes deeper than magic itself.

A Fable of Blood: The hunt for a god's secret begins in blood...

Tal Harrenfel, infamous adventurer and living legend, has gone where none have dared before. He has ventured into the deadly East, where beasts and lawless headhunters roam the mountainous lands, in service of a mission: to discover the secret to defying - and perhaps even defeating - the all-powerful sorcerer Yuldor. 

Now he's near the tower where he suspects the truth is buried. With the help of the tower's mysterious caretaker, he'll ascend to claim its secrets - but what lies ahead is far deadlier than he could have anticipated...

Three Bloody Pieces: Queen, beggar... cat? Caitlyn is all three, and she has lost everything – her husband, her throne, her home. 

Desperate, terrified, and plagued by visions of an evil woman performing dark rituals, Caitlyn seeks sanctuary with an English lord. But when the one man who she feels she can trust betrays her, she escapes – and runs straight into the clutches of the woman from her visions. 

Using magic and evil to cast the most hideous of spells, Herleva forces Caitlyn to assume the guise of a cat, a familiar. Having no choice but to do the witch’s bidding, Caitlyn’s life changed forever by the hideous enchantment. Only death can free her. The question is, whose?

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