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Where to find freelance work and blogs that pay 🔍 ✍️
Something that's asked quite often on the World of Writers Slack team, is how to find these mysterious blogs that pay $150/article 🤔. I'll keep this short and sweet today—here's an awesome list compiled by one of our members, Guilherme Ribeiro (@gui).

70+ magazines that pay $1/word+
121 blogs that pay well
30 travel magazines that pay
27 blogs that pay $100+/article
42 blogs that pay up to $400/article

And my favourite...

501 blogs and magazines that pay writers (PDF) 🎉

Also, many members of World of Writers said that they've found steady gigs in the #looking-for-work channel, which I've set up to curate writing, copywriting, editing, and blogging gigs (updated several times a day, FYI) via various RSS feeds.

It's free, so why not?
Words from the community
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Highlands Road Trip 🚗
Nanyun Gas Station (beautiful imagery!) ⛽️
Digital Nomad Monthly Income Report, October 2017 📜
Note from the editor
What can I say? It's been a tough month for me. I've had a couple of vacations to recuperate, but now there's so much to do (not a bad thing, I suppose, I'm looking forward to it). I've been working on some books that are starting to materialise (fun!).

More details coming soon, stay tuned! 📻

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