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Science tricks (#1)

Welcome to the first email from me. Here's the plan... As regularly as I can I'll email out videos, PDF downloads and interesting links that can be used for science and maths teaching at home. I hope you find them useful and wonderful. We can all do with some more joy and wonder in our lives right now! I won't be emailing out boring rehashed things you can find in every kid's science book. Please do let me know how you get on and how I can best help you.


This is my favourite number as it's an autobiographical number. There are:

6 zeroes. 2 ones. 1 two. 0 threes. 0 fours. 0 fives. 1 six. 0 sevens. 0 eights. 0 nines. 

As a challenge see if you can work out a 4 digit long autobiographical number. Let me know how you get on.

Who am I?

 If we've not met before, let me introduce myself... I'm Dr Matt Pritchard and for the last 10 years I've specialised in performing science and maths magic shows; visiting 100+ schools and festivals a year. My background is atomic physics research but alongside that I've been a professional magician for 21 years. I spend a substantial amount of time researching largely forgotten tricks, adapting the latest discoveries and inventing my own illusions. In a later email I'll share a trick that nearly won me the Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2019. Warning: it uses a toilet roll tube - a highly prized commodity right now. I'm also a dad and foster carer, therefore what I'll be sharing will be practical to do at home and won't require any specialist kit or expense.

What's the catch?

There isn't one. Right now I should be presenting in a school but sadly for the next few months I'm working from my home office. Rather brooding on a bad situation, I'm doing my best to make a positive contribution to others. I also want to still be developing and I relish a new creative challenge. It's a steep learning curve getting my head around a lot of new software and technology to produce this content. I see this as a future investment.

If you like what I send you, that's reward in itself. And if you can keep me in mind for future events or pass on my details when normal life resumes, that's a bonus.

Matt Pritchard 

Science Magic Shows

162 Newlands Road, Birmingham
United Kingdom

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