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Hello! Welcome to the A.B.C. TOOLBOX bulletin - a weekly selection of ideas, tools and people that I have come across and found interesting. Thank you for all the feedback and comments I receive. I will experiment with these new ideas to make the content as valuable for you as possible. 

Remember: it is written with the intention to inspire and help you grow in business. I hope you will enjoy it!


A. Blog: Know thyself

This is very personal. I share my personal failures and moments of doubt.

For example how I broke the cycle of toxic relationships, quit my own company and lost 23 kilos in 3 months (too fast, I know).

I thought that methods that ended up working for me might help someone overcome their destructive behaviour and get to know themselves more.

Not to say any more - new blog post: Back from the darkness — how I stood up and changed the trajectory of my life.

B. Book: Team management - embracing honesty

Do you find it difficult to give honest feedback, because you don’t want to hurt anyone? Do you know a manager who is obnoxious in her remarks and people hate her? 

We all do. Being a manager has been both the toughest and the most rewarding job for me.

Kim Scott in her book “Radical Candor” describes a communication model that enables being both direct and caring at the same time. She underlines the positive impact of being radically honest with others as this gives them the opportunity to change and grow. Her examples from many years of experience at Google and Apple illustrate invaluable tactics for anyone who wants their team members to both feel loved and pushed towards personal growth at the same time. Great read for any manager who wants to calibrate their communication model.

Chris O’Neill - Evernote’s CEO and formerly of Google X - recommended this book to me as the most significant help in his first 100 days at Evernote, when he had to make a lot of unpopular decisions in order to refine the company's growth trajectory and restructure the team. Thank you, Chris!

C. Video: Daily template and rituals 

I am a very disorganised and spontaneous person by nature. 

However I am also aware that achieving big goals is not the matter of huge efforts made on a single day.

It is about taking small steps every day. Sounds so boring. I share the rituals and routines I have adapted and used.

You can watch it in a 15-minute video here.

Thank you ReaktorWarsaw for having me put together this quality video!


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