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March 28, 2018 - Issue #74

Project News
A National Learning Management System for LINC
Building on our experience hosting LINC courses in Edulinc, our team will soon begin developing a Moodle-based national learning management system for IRCC settlement language programs. This new national LMS will be integrated with other national IRCC initiatives. More details to come in future newsletters.

H5P is coming this spring
The H5P activity module will soon be installed on Edulinc and basic support for it will be simultaneously added to Stage 3 of the LearnIT2teach training. More advanced H5P support in Stage 4 will follow. To learn more about this powerful, easy-to-use HTML5 authoring tool visit

Web News
Is this the best time in history to learn languages?
Today’s youngest generation is more multilingual and wired than ever. Could the tech they’re using breed a global army of polyglots?....

Citizenship rate drops after Stephen Harper-era changes, study finds
.The rate of immigrants becoming Canadian citizens fell to 82.7 per cent from 85.6 per cent, according to an analysis of census data. ...

Canadian attitudes toward immigrants, refugees remain positive: study
The arrival of Syrian refugees, as well as thousands of asylum seekers over the United States border, along with the global growth in anti-immigrant sentiment have barely moved the positive attitude most Canadians have toward new arrivals, a study has found. ...

Digital technology helps California district improve assessment for English language learners
By 2025, 1 in 4 U.S. public school students will be an English-language learner. As a result, school districts and educators across the country are rising to the challenge of improving language development among their diverse, complex and rapidly growing student populations. Some districts have leveraged digital technology to help achieve this goal — and with promising outcomes. ...

In Canada's Public Schools, Immigrant Students Are Thriving
... Overall, 30 percent of Canada’s schoolchildren are either immigrants themselves or have at least one parent born abroad. That’s compared with 23 percent of U.S. students who are immigrants or children of immigrants. Yet Canada has one of the highest performing education systems in the world as ranked by the Program for International Assessment, or PISA, test that 15-year-olds from more than 70 countries take. The United States’ rankings, by contrast, are mediocre.

Eye Appeal in eLearning Course Design: Using Color Theory, Typography, and Images
The look and feel of your eLearning materials has an impact on training effectiveness. The combination of colors, font types, and images affect the way your learners go through your content and eventually the lessons. Your goal is to make your content more exciting, easier to understand, and more interesting to read. ... Here are some important considerations when using color theory, typography, and images in your eLearning course design:

Teach Online to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
…  Although its green value is often overlooked among its other benefits, eLearning goes a long way to helping educators and institutions significantly reduce the overall carbon footprint of the courses that they offer. ... the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) calls eLearning “one of the most unexploited means of achieving a smaller carbon footprint.” ...

5 Tips for protecting student data
In the age of the internet, tech tools and apps make it easier for teachers to engage their students and introduce new modes of collaboration and learning into their lesson plans. With the use of these edtech tools, student data is collected by both the educators and the companies providing the tech service. This means, as a teacher, you must take the necessary steps to ensure your students’ personal information is secure. Not only is it an educator’s prerogative to protect their students’ personal information, but it is critical that you teach your students the skills to protect themselves in the future....

Online English Tutor
Sunny Education in BC, a specialist teacher recruitment service, is head hunting talented tutors to teach English online to students of all ages. Combine your passion for teaching with the flexibility of working from home. ...

Online Teacher
CourseIn is a rapidly growing international start-up with a base located in Beijing with regional offices in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Poland.. ... Coursein Canada Inc. is now looking for English instructors to join our team! If you are Passionate about educating, enthusiastic, motivated, and willing to learn, this is a great opportunity for you!

Professional Development
Teaching English Presentation Skills Using TED talks
Presenting in English has become important in any field in the 21st Century. There was a time when standing at a podium and reading from a script was good enough. Then came the invention of the PowerPoint slideshow. Presenters didn’t have to say much, just show slides for people to read. In today’s world that is not enough. To be an effective presenter, one must master all that media has to offer. ...

TESOL CALL-IS Webcast Presentations from the Technology Showcase and Electronic Village Fair
The TESOL Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section is pleased to present live webcasts from the Technology Showcase and Electronic Village Fairs in Chicago, Illinois (USA) ...

How to Apply Behaviorism Principles to ELearning
As instructional designers apply behaviorism principles to create courses for virtual settings, it is important to keep in mind that the driving force behind progress is reinforcement. Here are some ways to apply behaviorism to your eLearning materials.. ...

e-Resource Corner
Online TPR Exercises
This unique web site blends total physical response activities in a face-to-face context with follow up online work.

Learning Chocolate
Suitable for vocabulary building, this site a picture dictionary with audio and interactive exercises.

TVLT New Media Language Training Inc.

Send an email to or call 1-855-522-2221 to inquire about the training.

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