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Since several customers asked for it, we decided to actively distribute product version and update information via e-mail from now on, so that you as our customers will know directly when there are new versions.

Furthermore, we want to publish tips and tricks from time to time, because not everyone of you follows us on twitter, in the AppGini forum or in the blog on our homepage.

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For the sake of completeness I would like to say that you can also find information about our products here:

I would be really happy if you would stay with us, because it would show us that our work is valued and that our products and support helps you with your tasks.

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You received this email
because you made
a purchase from us.

Blog posts
September 6

Tip: Additional parameter for Action Buttons

It has been described here how to add additional buttons below a detail view's action buttons. Today I'm going to explain how to add parameters to action button links. This should work with all versions of AppGini Helper Javascript Library. I'm going to use a few functions which are available sind since version 2020/06.

October 25

Update calculated fields

Calculated fields are updated when the record is opened in Detail View or when the record is updated in Table View. The latter (Table View) carries the risk that certain records are not updated. The built-in implementation cannot guarantee it technically. Sometimes it is therefore necessary to trigger the recalculation manually. How to do this, I show here.

July 3

How to: Redirect to requested page after login

Sometimes, in our AppGini applications we'd like to share data with co-workers or other users by sending a link via email, for example. Unfortunately, this does not work as expected, by default. I am going to show a very simple, solution, based on our AppGini Helper Javascript Library.

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