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I’m writing this from the road in beautiful Provo, Utah. Will share more travel pics when I get home next week but just had to share a couple of photos from JP and Sarah’s wedding. It was so perfectly them. We celebrated their love and commitment to each other over three days in Joshua Tree. And it was beautiful.

I’ll send a quick RELEASE DAY announcement for FALLING FOR THE STRANGER with buy links on Monday, May 2, but in case you’re like me and appreciate getting the book delivered straight to my reader ahead of everyone else, the PRE-ORDER links for 99¢ are listed below.


He might not be a cowboy, but he looks damn fine in Wranglers.

Harley Forester—wannabe cowboy working as a ranch hand—may not know how to rope, but something about him pulls Andi Sullivan in. She’s back in Coyote Springs to help her family and reboot her future after a disappointing career choice—complete with a man or three she’d like to forget. Could a stranger without a past be the man she’s been searching for all along?

She’s determined to find his past, but what if his crash wasn’t an accident?

Harley’s memory disappeared into a steep ravine—along with his ID and namesake bike. Recurring dreams haunt his sleep. Flashes of images bring on devastating migraine headaches. Red flags that would send most women running. Not Andi Sullivan—a tough as nails ex-Marine who wouldn’t think of leaving a fallen man behind.

In Coyote Springs, people fondly remember little Andi Sullivan’s Daddy List. But the town is on edge worrying that the triplet with a “heart of gold” is going to lose that heart—and everything else she holds dear--by falling for a stranger with no name, a mysterious past, and a questionable future.

Memory is a powerful part of identity. Andi’s fighting for a man she thinks she knows, but, really, who is Harley Forester? You’ll find out when you read Falling For the Stranger—Gold Country, Book 3 in this heart-warming series from bestselling author Debra Salonen.

Pre-order FALLING FOR THE STRANGER for only 99¢ now!

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Release Date: May 2, 2022

Happy Spring, my friends!


Coming Thursday – 5/5: Desert beauty and RV adventures continue…



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