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Insightful Letter 8
Is your personality permanent?

Hello ,

How are you?

I hope you are doing great.

Today I am going to talk about the personalities of people and is it fixed or changeable?

 The Idea      

A good personality is extremely important to become successful in life.

If people don't find you interesting or attractive then no would want to connect with you at a deeper level.

But most people believe that we born with a particular personality.

Therefore, it can't be changed.

Whereas some believe that personality is not fixed and it can change over time.

What do you think?

If you are an introvert, you perhaps believe that you are not good at making conversations with people or you always prefer to be alone rather than talking with other interesting people.

People who put a label on their personality usually don't change much.

If you believe that you are an introvert and so you will always have a tough time with people, you will remain like that.

Think about your 10-year-old version. 

I am sure a lot of things have changed in your life. You perhaps have moved to another place or you visited new places or met many interesting people.

Your personality has changed either little or significantly. It is no longer the same.

But people find it difficult to accept that their personalities have changed because of the belief that it is something fixed.

You have been taught that people are either introvert or extrovert, intuitive or logical, good or bad, etc.

But it never works like that. Mostly, people are a mixture of all these qualities.

Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert said-

"People often struggle to predict who they'll be in the future because they spend very little if any time imagining their future selves. We can see that we've changed a lot in preferences and perspectives over the past several years but downplay potential change in the future."

Once you start believing and visualizing that you can change significantly in the future, your personality will also change significantly.

I was one of the most socially awkward guys 10 years back. But I am way better today, Some people even call me extrovert nowadays.

I am much better a person than before. In some way,  I am sure, it is the same is the case with you.

Just keep in mind, however, personality and personality types are different. 

Personalities change but personality types not.

Sherrie Haynie, director of The Myers-Briggs company said-

"Yes, people's personalities do change, but personality type doesn't. This may sound like a contradiction ... It is clear that personality isn't permanent ... Personality "type," as understood by the Myers-Briggs framework and by Carl Jung's theory, is a different story. Personality type is not the total embodiment of personality but rather a set of natural predispositions that, in fact, do not change, even in the face of significant change with regard to our skills, abilities, desires, and interests over the course of our lives."

It is always good to know about your personality type. is a fantastic website to know your personality type.

Go to the website and know your personality type and it's broad characteristics.

What is your opinion on all these? Do you find it helpful?

Let me know by replying to this e-mail.

Book/article recommendation


Personality isn't permanent by Benjamin P. Hardy

To get more insights about personality, how it can change over time, and how you can change your personality for better, read this book. All the facts discussed in the book are scientifically backed and practically applicable.

One video suggestion

A must watch video if you want to know more about personality and how malleable it is.

One quote

"Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years"

                                                                           - Bill Gates


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If you have anything to say or ask, just reply to this mail. I will respond.

Until next week,


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