Club Development Scotland December Newsletter

Welcome to our new look newsletter. The Club Development Scotland newsletter is a quarterly newsletter produced to support community sport groups in achieving their aims and objectives through the facilitation of best practice and services. 

Club Development Scotland is an extension of the work that has been delivered throughout England and Wales by Supporters Direct (Club Development) and was also partly been formed from a recommendation from the ‘Supporter Involvement in Football Governance’ Report which came from a Working Group involving Supporters Direct, the Scottish FA, the SPFL, SportScotland and the Scottish Government.

Since its formation last year, Club Development Scotland has published numerous best practice guidelines around the areas of raising capital, legal structures and governance (amongst others). Within this newsletter, we're pleased to be sharing a number of new guidelines (see below) which we hope your group will be able to benefit from. 

We've also provided services to a number of clubs including AMS, a Fife based 'Legacy' charitable community club where we deliver ongoing support through a Development Manager position. So far we've enable Gift Aid benefits to the club which has equated to £12,000 in revenue to the charity so far. If you'd like to find out how to benefit from this support - simply get in touch via our website or by emailing 

Earlier this year, we also supported the incorporation of Annan Athletic as a wholly community owned football club and Community Benefit Society. You can find out more about why Annan chose the model and how we supported them with this process via our Blog where we'll share more frequent news and updates. Make sure you don't miss an update - subscribe now!

If you're wondering how you found yourself on this list, you will have opted in at our website or via one of our previous surveys. If you'd like to stop to receiving these updates - not a problem - simply click the 'Unsubscribe' button at the bottom of the page. 

New Guidelines Published

Facility Development

When we talk about facility development this describes everything from building a new stadium to adding or upgrading existing facilities to a stadium, clubhouse or training area. 

Read our Guidance

Membership Development

When we talk about membership we are referring to the people who either pay an annual subscription to be part of their club, or have paid a subscription for life membership. 

Read our Guidance

Measuring Social Value

We've developed a short guide designed to give you some pointers on easy ways that every club can evaluate the value it is providing to the local community by measuring the social, economic and environmental contributions that they make. 

Read our Guidance


Fundraising helps your group raise money for activities and suitable community projects, buy equipment and develop facilities. Fundraising can also be a great way for clubs to increase their profile within the community around them. 

Read our Guidance

Build A Winning Club

We’re delighted to share our brand new crowdfunding platform to help you Build A Winning Club.

Our platform enables communities to raise capital for projects such as facility development. 

The platform also enables clubs the opportunity to run community shares offers, with the use of ShareIn’s white label crowdfunding platform. By using the platform, clubs will also be benefiting from the support of Club Development expertise which have helped raise more than £6million so far.

We’d encourage any club seeking to undertake a crowdfunding campaign to get in touch to find out how we can support them through our platform or check out this short video.

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