Thanksgiving Day Conference Call


The Formation of the Contact Committee

of PACTS, International!


Monday, February 8, 2021

Greetings, everyone. 

I am pleased to announce the formation of the Contact Committee of PACTS, International.  The origin of this idea derived recently from a concern of someone that there may be many in our community that are in serious need of medical attention or may even have passed on and no one knows about it.  

The Contact Committee will fill this void by providing a place where people can call and check in to let us know they are ok or a place where loved ones or friends may call with an update or status of a cybertorture victim.  

The Contact Committee would also reach out to those with whom they have regular contact and check on them occasionally as needed thereby getting to know many members of our community on a personal basis.   

They have also volunteered to research for physicians and attorneys that may assist those with health and/or legal issues.  

There are a variety of tasks and responsibilities that this group may take on for the enhancement of our cause and our community, including just being a listening ear for those needing emotional support. 

So to summarize,  the Contact Committee would:  

  • be a place where people can call to check in with volunteer call-takers
  • be an emergency contact for relatives and friends of cybertorture victims
  • reach out to regular callers they have not heard from in a while
  • research for TI-friendly attorneys and physicians 
  • be a listening ear for those in need of someone to talk to

If you would like to participate in this effort, please reply to this email and we will get back to you soon as we arrange for our first committee meeting.  

I very much look forward to working with this much-needed committee.  


Freedom for Everyone in 2021!

PACTS, International

PO Box 1925, Twentynine Palms
United States