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EKA Open Doors Day on 1 March

Come and explore at the Estonian Academy of Arts!

EKA Open Doors Day 2018 is taking place on 1 March at 10:00-18:00.

The programme includes: an introduction to EKA specialities, open lectures, workshops, visits to classrooms and studios, excursions to the new academic building and more.

All EKA buildings are open!

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EXPLORE EKA starts this week

The EXPLORE EKA programme is targeted at students of upper secondary and vocational schools who are interested in architecture, design, art and art history and who want to continue their education in the creative field but haven’t yet reached a final decision.

EXPLORE EKA is an excellent opportunity for prospective students to discover the various specialities taught at EKA and get a sense of life and study in these specialities. The programme includes visits to studios, ateliers, architecture firms, design companies, theatres and museums, as well as lectures, film screenings and practical workshops organised by EKA teaching staff, students and alumni.

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Katrin Aasmaa, Kristina Puz and Mariliis Niine nominated for Abakhan Creative Award

The first edition of the Abakhan Creative Award Scholarship competition for EKA fashion and textile students took place in January. The jury chose three nominees for the Abakhan Creative Award: Katrin Aasmaa, Kristina Puz and Mariliis Niine.

The exhibition of the three nominees will take place in the EKA Foyer Gallery (Estonia pst. 7) on 15-28 February and the winner of the Abakhan Creative Award will be announced there on 21 February at 16:00.

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Interview with Olga Vertjajeva

STARTERcreative is a development programme of business ideas that brings together five universities and provides a practice-based opportunity to study idea development within a team. The programme includes supervisors and mentors who help the participants match ideas with business models of good potential and provide basic knowledge in running a business.

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STARTERcreative study programme to begin on 20 February

STARTERcreative on 5 ülikooli ühine äriideede arendamise programm, kus saab praktilises vormis õppida idee arendamise protsessi meeskonnas. Õppesse on kaasatud juhendajad ja mentorid, kes aitavade leida ideele hea potentsiaaliga ärimudeli ning annavad ettevõtlustegevuseks vajalikud põhiteadmisi.

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Negavatt resource-conservation competition

For the fifth year, the Environmental Investments Centre (EIC) is organising the Negavatt resource conservation competition, which is once again welcoming submissions with smart ideas. The best ideas will be made a reality with support of up to EUR 10,000. The deadline for the submission of ideas is 25 February 2018. The idea may be a product or service that helps to conserve resources or raise awareness.

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EKA Support Services to pay Faculty of Architecture a visit on 19 February at 15:15

EKA will start organising regular briefing sessions to help EKA Support Units reach students more effectively. The first one will take place at the Faculty of Architecture at Pikk Street 20 on 19 February at 15:15. We will discuss entrepreneurship consultations and training at EKA, opportunities for Erasmus studies abroad, personal and career counselling, and cooperation opportunities with companies.


Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo’s exhibition Immediate Gratification at Draakon Gallery

Reimo Võsa-Tangsoo (1976), Associate Professor at the EKA Department of Photography, says in the guide accompanying his Immediate Gratification exhibition that ‘we are used to talking about the exhausting effect that overproduction has on the natural environment, but we don’t pay as much attention to how we pollute our own human environment.’

The exhibition will end with an artist talk on Friday 23 February at 13:30.

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Artist Silvia Sosaar’s shoe-polishing service Shiny Shoes Salon at EKA Gallery

Silvia Sosaar, a master’s student at the EKA Department of Photography, has turned the gallery space into an environment where photo, sound and video fragments of performances recreate a play enacted in public, while melting into the décor of the imaginary shoe-polishing salon.

The salon will run until 17 February 2018.

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Karl-Erik Talvet’s exhibition Bursts of Colour at the Estonian War Museum

The exhibition by Karl-Erik Talvet, a master’s student at the EKA Chair of Painting, will open on 16 February at 14:00 at the Estonian War Museum. The painting exhibition is dedicated to the 28th anniversary of the re-establishment of the Estonian Defence League and it will end with an auction, half the proceeds of which will be donated to the Estonian Association of Injured Soldiers.

The exhibition will run from 16 February to 28 March 2018.

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On-going exhibitions:

Lütjohann & Sepsivart at Hobusepea Gallery

With the exhibition A Little Bit, Every Day, artists Jan Lütjohann (1987) and Uku Sepsivart (1988) refer to their interest in working with their hands, which takes prime spot in their artistic practice and is one of the connecting factors of the exhibition. They reflect on production as a process that falls somewhere between totalling a workbench and the arbitrary accumulation of material.

The exhibition will remain on view until 26 February 2018.

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Leonhard Lapin’s solo show Void and Space at Kumu Art Museum

Leonhard Lapin. Kalev’s Return. 1987. Oil. Art Museum of Estonia

The Void and Space personal exhibition by EKA Professor Emeritus Leonhard Lapin (1947) is open at Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition continues the Estonian art classics series, the earlier editions of which have presented works by Tõnis Vint, Raul Meel, Jüri Okas and Andres Tolts.

The exhibition will remain on view until 13 May 2018.

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Paco Ulman’s Wasteland at the Museum of Estonian Architecture

Photo by Paco Ulman

What is the deeper sense of being in a wasteland, and what are people seeking there? What are they attempting to compensate within themselves in such an environment? What does wasteland – a typical interim space in an urban environment – have in excess and what does it lack, such that people are drawn to it time and again? Paco Ulman, EKA teaching staff member, artist and architect, attempts to find answers to these questions with his Wasteland exhibition.

The exhibition will remain on view until 25 March 2018.

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Eve Kask’s solo show 2+2=... at Tartu Art Museum

The 2+2=... exhibition by Eve Kask, Associate Professor at the EKA Chair of Graphic Art, is open on the ground floor of Tartu Art Museum. The exhibition presents the artist’s most outstanding works of recent years and, being located on the border between truth and fiction, is related primarily to the phenomenon of post-truthfulness.

The exhibition will remain on view until 13 May 2018.

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Art Saturday

The one-day Art Saturday event is for those who don’t have the possibility to take part in longer courses but still want to understand developments in the field of art, architecture and design.

The first Art Saturday will take place on 17 February with art historian Maarin Ektermann who will help to make sense of Estonian contemporary art and Terje Atonen who will organise a photography workshop on a marsh. For kids, we have a very popular interior architecture workshop.

Art Saturday generally lasts for six academic hours and always includes one workshop for kids. The Art Saturdays will take place every third Saturday of the month.

See you there!

Art Saturday: Photography Workshop Estonia 100 on an Estonian Marsh

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Art Saturday: Quick Course on Estonian Contemporary Art

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Art Saturday: Interior Architecture Workshop

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Pulss, an exhibition by EKA fashion students in St. Petersburg

The Pulss exhibition of experimental forms by EKA fashion students is open at the gallery of the Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design. The exhibition will remain on view until 21 February 2018.

Creative director and stylist: Liisi Eesmaa

Designers: Kristin Sigus, Emma Leoni, Edvard Hiietam, Külli-Triin Laanet, Karita Kärmet, Hannes Rüütel, Kreet Kärner, Nele Kurvits, Beatrice Randkivi, Lotte Raisch and Andreas Kübar

More info and images available here

Student films from the Department of Animation screened at the Anima Festival in Brussels

On 9-18 February, the 37th edition of Anima, Brussels Animation Film Festival will take place in Belgium. The festival programme includes two student films from the EKA Department of Animation: Nicolas Petelski’s film A Table Game and Äggie Pak Yee Lee’s film Muteum. Both films were made in 2017 as part of their master’s studies at EKA.

This year, Anima’s focus is on Estonian animation. The EKA Department of Animation is represented by a programme consisting of 14 films and gives an overview of the department’s 11 years of activity.

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Heta Jäälinoja’s film Penelope nominated for a Jussi Award in Finland

On 23 March, the Jussi Awards, the Finnish equivalent of the Oscars, will be presented in Helsinki. The four nominees in the Best Short Film category also include, as the only animation, Penelope by Heta Jäälinoja, which was made during her master’s studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts in 2016. Currently, Heta is a graduate and a member of our teaching staff at the Department of Animation.

Fingers crossed!

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EKA members

Apply to become a member of the teaching staff at EKA! Submission deadline is 1 March

Faculty of Architecture

Lecturer at the Department of Architecture and Urban Design (0.25)


Faculty of Design

Professor, Head of Department and Head of Curriculum at the Department of Textile Design (1.0)

Associate Professor at the Department of Fashion Design, in the field of experimental fashion (0.5)

Associate Professor at the Department of Fashion Design (0.5)

Associate Professor, Head of Department, Head of Curriculum at the Department of Leather Art (1.0)

Associate Professor at the Department of Graphic Design (0.5)


Faculty of Art and Culture

Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Heritage and Conservation, in the field of history, theory and practice of cultural heritage protection (1.0)

Lecturer at the Department of Art Education, in the field of artwork analysis and gallery pedagogy (0.5)

Lecturer at the Department of Art Education, in the field of didactics and pedagogical practice in art education (0.5)


Faculty of Fine Arts

Associate Professor, Head of Department at the Chair of Drawing (0.75)

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