You'll either be disappointed or relieved to learn that this email is not about Barbie. It's just that I've noticed so many of the messages I've received this month have been Barbie based - and, well, I wanted to get on the bandwagon with at least the subject line. 

I mean, if you're not relating your business or organization to the Barbie movie, are you even paying attention?! 🤣

Don't get me wrong, I loved the movie and I can't wait to see it again. But it drew enough of it's own parallels without me adding nonprofit comparisons to the mix. (However, if I did, I'd tell you to channel Weird Barbie - she's been paying attention and has all the intel and strategy to get things done). 

What I did want to write to you about is your particular nonprofit. As I look to schedule the remaining 18 or so weeks of nonprofit donations for 52 Weeks, I'd like to hear from you about your organization. If you want your organization to be considered for a donation through my project and featured on the podcast, just reply to this email with a link to your site and quick line about why your nonprofit deserves support. Nothing fancy. (Caring for Friends in Philly: your episode is coming soon.) 

So, there you go: a totally-not-about-Barbie email (except for the parts that are). 

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