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On behalf of everyone at Save Vietnam’s Wildlife, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and want to thank you for being part of our success in 2019. Some of the key highlights of our work this year includes:

Rescued 572 animals from illegal trade

SVW continued to operate two rescue centres at Cuc Phuong and Pu Mat National Parks. During 2019 we rescued 572 animals from the illegal trade, including 294 pangolins, 2 Tiger cubs, and 276 other individual wildlife species. Nearly half of rescued individuals were successfully released, while 69 continue to be cared for at our centres. Animal welfare has also improved with new quarantine enclosures, 2 veterinary clinics, and a semi-wild release area being constructed. SVW has also continued to help build the capacity of other rescue centres across Vietnam.

The longest monitoring of the pangolin and the upgrade for the most effective monitoring with Wildlife Drone

Early in 2019, a combination of VHF telemetry and camera-trapping allowed us to monitor a released Sunda Pangolin in Cat Tien National Park for 8 months, which is the longest monitoring period achieved for this species. In the past we have had to manually track one animal at a time on foot within remote and rugged landscapes, however, in late 2019 this all changed with the use of Wildlife Drones’ innovative radio-tracking drone system. With the ability to rapidly search large areas and simultaneously locate multiple tagged pangolins, the use of this ground-breaking technology is creating huge savings in time and effort.

Owston's civet and pangolin were recorded in camera trap

SVW has implemented targeted species camera traps at 21 locations in Pu Mat National Park. After 06 months, 14 photos of Owston’s Civets, and 22 photos of pangolins were recorded along with many other important conservation species. This was the first time we recorded Owston’s Civet at this site. In collaboration with Leibniz-IZW and other partners, each pair of camera traps was set at 110 locations in Pu Mat National Park to understand base-line wildlife populations. This will help monitor future changes in wildlife populations in the future. The team also started to set camera traps in Cat Tien national park and U Minh Thuong national park to understand the status of threatened carnivores and pangolins there.

Raise awareness amongst local communities in and around Pu Mat national park

In 2019, the community team successfully organized the last 3 in a series of 9 workshops for 1119 hunters, traders and local authorities. The workshops helped to inspire people about wildlife conservation, improve understanding law enforcement as well as discussing alternatives. 24 bill-boards and wildlife law posters were placed at the main access points to forests or distributed directly to local communities. We also established a hotline to report the illegal wildlife poaching and trading activities and opened the page “Cung toi bao ve rung Pu Mat – Join me to protect Pu Mat forest”, which now has nearly 9,000 followers, to continue to raise awareness in local communities.

Brought true nature experience to over 2500 local kids

SVW has continued the school wildlife education program for local children from 5-10 years old around Cuc Phuong National Park. The education program provided opportunities for 2531 local kids to spend a day learning about nature. Two workshops were also organized for 120 school representatives and parents to evaluate the program and to discuss increasing financial contribution from schools and parents for this education program. We now plan to expand the program to other protected areas.

Openned new Pangolin Education Center

The education displays for pangolins and otters was completed within the Carnivore and Pangolin Education Centre and will help to educate the thousands of Vietnamese visitors and children to stop consuming wildlife for meat or traditional medicine, and to not keep wild animals as pets.

Reduced snare traps to almost zero in the animal release site

After demonstrating the successes of the first anti-poaching team with 7 members in 2018, SVW has increased to 16 anti-poaching members in 2019. For the first 11 months of 2019, the team patrolled 4732 km by foot, arrested 131 poachers, confiscated 36 guns, 12 electro-fishing devices, removed 2484 animal traps, and destroyed 304 illegal camps. They also confiscated 13 live animals, 26 dead ones and lots of animal parts from poachers. It is great to see the numbers of traps, poaching camps and arrested poachers has declined compared with last year. The released animals’ site has achieved almost zero with only 1 snare trap found in this area this year. We are reaching close to a fully secured Pu Mat National Park.

Led the development of Owston's Civet strategy and Vietnam pangolin conservation action plan

Finally, SVW led the development of the international Owston’s Civet strategy and Vietnam pangolin conservation action plan. We also supported changes to the administrative policy around the trapping, use of hunting dogs and illegal camps. SVW is leading to influence the policymakers to move Owston’s Civet, Large-spotted Civets and Spotted Linsang to highest protection status in Vietnam with poaching and trading of these species now considered as serious criminal offences.

Saved 7 Owston's Civet from a wildlife farm

As part of global Owston's civet conservation strategy, SVW worked with the Forest Protection Department of Ho Chi Minh City to rescue 7 Owston's Civets from a wildlife farm. Our keepers and veterinarian travelled to care for the Owston's civets and worked with the FPD to transfer them to our centre. We hope these civets will join the conservation breeding program to help recover the wild Owston's Civet populations.

SVW also continues to grow and now has 54 staff who continue to dedicate themselves to the SVW mission of Vietnamese wildlife conservation.

We thank you for supporting our mission and look forward to continuing our work with you in 2020.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Executive Director
Thai Nguyen Van
Thai Nguyen Van
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