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Dr Emma Beckett on social media: "Come for the fashion, stay for the science."


Sunday, July 5, 2020 | Melbourne, Australia



I had the privilege this week of chatting with DR EMMA BECKETT (above) for my podcast, Reputation Revolution.

Emma is a food and nutrition scientist with the University of Newcastle who uses social media to generate interest in, and discussion around, all things nutrition. I particularly like the way she injects her personality into her micro-content, and how she seamlessly blends nutrition tips with food-inspired dresses and earrings to reinforce her message. 

Emma's catch-cry? "Come for the fashion, stay for the science!"

Also of interest is how Emma's use of Twitter has helped her land mainstream media attention, including national TV appearances. There's a reason why I call Twitter the 'influence channel'!

My interview with Emma will be published on Reputation Revolution at 4:30 pm today, and available on all good podcast apps! 


Shout-out #1

This fortnight’s shout-out goes to my good mate Steve Vallas, who this week was announced as CEO of Blockchain Australia.

The appointment is a culmination of - I'm going to say 4+ years - of Steve steadily building his professional credentials in the blockchain industry.

He has done this through relentless self-education, as well as proactively building connections and facilitating conversations with like-minded people in the space. 

As an aside - I interviewed Steve for episode 128 of Reputation Revolution ('Relentless slowburn: How Steve Vallas builds visibility, influence and trust one event at a time') - and it has hands-down been one of the most popular episodes yet. Definitely worth a listen if you're keen to grow influence and create more impact in the marketplace, but doing so in a strategic and respectful way.


Shout-out #2

A second shout-out for this fortnight - unprecedented! ---> it goes to Tristan White, author of the book Culture is Everything, and founder of The Physio Co, 11 times listed as one of Australia's Best Places to Work.

Tristan this week launched his Culture is Everything Club, a paid membership community on the Mighty Networks platform. Opening the doors to a membership community can be a daunting task, but the response to Tristan's launch has been very positive and the club is now off and running with a solid number of founding members.

Interestingly, Tristan has been smashing out daily live videos for several months now, a huge effort, and is building a super-engaged audience due to this, plus his weekly podcast and regular email newsletter.


What I’ve been listening to

If you're into digital marketing and social media in any way, shape or form (and aren't we all?), I reckon you'll get heaps of value from the Agents of Change podcast with Rich Brooks.

Rich attracts top guests across the digital realm coupled with an easygoing but gently probing interview style makes this podcast excellent listening.

A fave recent episode? How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile with John Nemo.


What's your truth?

Last week's guest on the Reputation Revolution podcast was Suzy Jacobs, founder of Activator Academy, an online learning hub for entrepreneurs and leaders who need to cut through the chaos and make BOLD decisions with clarity and confidence.

When you begin your personal brand journey, it’s important to get the foundations right. Your values form a core part of those foundations.

Suzy’s message is an important one. Listen here or via your podcast app of choice.


Tool/app of the fortnight (bonus edition!)

This fortnight's recommendation is not an app per se, but a website where you get the best deals on new tech tools and software apps.

I'm talking about AppSumo, and if you're the slightest bit interested in scoring an insane deal on a hot new software app (I'm talking 90+% off list price, generally with lifetime access), you need to sign up for this site!

My best deals have included lifetime access to Webinar Ninja (webinar platform), Icedrive (cloud storage), Podcast.co (podcast hosting platform) and Bouncecast (an intelligent digital audio app that records, enhances and masters podcasts and video automatically). Pay once, use forever!


I found this article interesting

Mark Masters, from You Are The Media, tagged me on Facebook with this message:

"I was looking for Amanda Palmer’s bamboo analogy and look what the search gave me from 2012 ... I've Seen Marketing's Future, and its Name is Amanda Palmer.

It's an article I wrote for my old (i.e. original) PR Warrior blog about singer/performance artist Amanda Palmer, and a story she tells of how bamboo grows, likening it to developing a community of fans around your brand.

I wrote: "Palmer is in-sync with today's 'connected consumer', where multiple micro-interactions over time prove more effective than in-your-face chest-beating."

Her analogy (and story) was powerful back in 2012, and guess what, it still resonates today! 

'Tis a good yarn!


This quote caught my attention

"I view my work online as building relationships, not generating leads." – Mark Schaefer


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