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FUQUA INDIA Newsletter

Young Entrepreneurs Academy teaches entrepreneurship to 11-18 year olds. We are proud to be in 6 cities with 250 students from 49 schools, 42% being girls!

YEA! Field Trip at The FoodHall, Delhi

Thank you Ms. Avni Biyani, Ms. Ashni Biyani and Mr. Dipayan Baishya for hosting YEA! students.

Parent Testimonial

Mr. Ananth Narayanan
Chief Executive Officer, Myntra
YEA! Parent

YEA! was an extraordinary experience for my daughter Nayantara. She was 12 when she did this. The thing that’s unique about YEA! is how real they make the experience. In terms of building her confidence, understanding various aspects of business I think it was extra ordinary. Also, the peer set helped her and pushed her a lot. Terrific initiative!

YEA! Field Trip at JW Marriott, Pune

Thank you Mrs. Shribala Chordia for hosting YEA! students.

YEA! Field Trip at GreenGold Animation, Hyderabad

Thank you Mr. Rajiv Chilaka for hosting YEA! students.

YEA! Inaugural Class at Canadian International School

Bangalore September 1, 2018

Wishing all the best to our
YEA! teachers Deeraj Shetty and Shwetha Krish for 2018 - 19 session

Mr. Manan Maheshwari
Co-Founder GIFSKEY
YEA! Guest speaker

YEA! is that platform which helps not only provide necessary business acumen and tools to evaluate your idea but also provides the essential skill set to execute effectively and having an opportunity to hone these skills at such an early age is a blessing for these young budding entrepreneurs.

YEA! Guest Speakers

Alumni Update

Khushi Jasrapuria is a 17 year old from SVKM International School, Mumbai. She has launched a company called “Eugenious” which makes WalkAid, a walking stick for the elderly. The walking stick has features that look at the health, safety and security of elders. It has a flashlight to enable them to see in the dark, storage slot to keep essential items, an emergency button which can buzz loudly and an extending and gripping mechanism that helps them pick up things. In due course, it will have features like Bluetooth and speakers, GPS & water & medicine alarm/reminders! A leading pharmaceutical company has given her a pre-order of 500 sticks and would also act as a distributor.

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