Dear friends and supporters, in the month of November we successfully rescued ten Otters and two Civets; extremely endangered species. Happily, there were also 84 Sunda pangolins that were released into natural habitat, the biggest pangolin release of the year. In addition, we organized a series of workshops for local people living in the buffer zone of Pu Mat National Park to raise awareness on wildlife conservation and find solutions to reduce hunting pressure of forest-based communities on the national park. The field research team is getting good results on the diverse wildlife that exists in the Pu Mat National Park and many more great achievements have happened in the month of November.

Many successful stories in the rescue and release of animals

Rescued 10 Otters and fund established to build rehabilitation enclosure

On 16 November we rescued 10 Asian Small-clawed Otters, the biggest number of otter rescue cases ever for SVW, adding up to total 11 otters being cared at our center at the moment. In Vietnam, Asian Small-clawed Otters are listed in Appendix I of Decree 160/2013 / ND-CP;, this species is endangered, precious and very rare. All illegal hunting, trading and transportation are subject to prosecution.

We are currently doing a crowdfunding campaign to build suitable enclosures to rehabilitate these otters until they are healthy enough to be released back to the wild.

Help us save this endangered species!

Save the Otters today!

Rescued two Owston’s Civets seized from illegal pet trade in Ho Chi Minh City

In early November, SVW worked closely with Education for Nature – Vietnam (ENV), Environmental Police Department of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province and Forest Ranger Department of Vung Tau City to rescued two civets (Chrotogale owstoni) from the illegal wildlife trade. ENV got the clue from a person who advertised on Facebook to sell these civets which he had raised as pets for about a year. They reported and worked with the authorities to seize these civets. The confiscated civets were transferred over 1700 km to our center on 6th December. We now are keeping them in quarantine enclosures for health screen before moving them to a semi-natural enclosure for rehabilitation.

Supporting Cat Tien Wildlife Rescue and Development centre and Hanoi Wildlife Rescue centre

On 2nd November, a local resident contacted SVW to hand over three Sunda pangolins to the rescue centre. SVW collaborated with Cat Tien National Park to rescue the three Sunda pangolins and we continue to provide food, support and advice for Cat Tien Wildlife Rescue and Development centre to take care of these pangolins. At the same time, our team also provided food and support to Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Centre to look after another 11 pangolins (we released them recently).

Rescued two Chinese pangolins from Quang Binh Province

On 17 November, we rescued two Chinese pangolins and one big-headed turtle from Dakrong District Police, Quang Tri Province. The turtle is being taken care of at Pu Mat rescue center. We also transferred two pangolins to Cuc Phuong rescue center to give them preventive treatments during their quarantine period.

84 pangolins have returned to their natural habitat

On November 11, 2018, Save Vietnam's Wildlife released 25 Sunda pangolins back to natural habitats. On 27 November, SVW collaborated with Hanoi Wildlife Rescue Center (HWRC) and released 59 pangolins (11 individuals were kept at HWRC) into a safe habitat. This is the biggest number of pangolins released this year.

On the same trip with the 59 pangolins, we also released a 15kg Burmese Python (seized on the 19th October) that had been housed at the Pu Mat Rescue Centre back to the wild.

We deeply thank our donors, friends and people for your generous support throughout this time and thank the team who worked so hard to give the best care possible to those animals.

Donate to save Vietnam’s precious Wildlife

Upgrading our facilities to enhance husbandry and animal welfare

New 500 square meters of enclosure fence

To secure the facilities, Save Vietnam's Wildlife has replaced the over 500 m2 of pangolin and small carnivorous enclosure fence. These are essential facilities for improving rehabilitation, welfare and environment enrichment for animals.

Starting to construct new quarantine and veterinary facilities in Pu Mat National Park

On the 19th November, work commenced on the construction of a new quarantine facility for rescuing pangolins.  The additional 12 quarantine enclosures that this quarantine facility will provide will allow for greater flexibility and capacity for confiscated animals to be held at our Pu Mat wildlife rescue centre. Construction of a new, 145 m2 veterinary facility is also being built, which ensure we have capacity to rescue multiple species at Pu Mat Wildlife Rescue Centre.  It is expected that both of these buildings will be completed by the end of January 2019.

Calling to increase the penaties for illlegal poaching

Feedback on Article 17 of the draft decree replacing Decree 157/2013/NĐ-CP

Feedback was provided on Article 17 of the draft decree replacing Decree 157/2013/NĐ-CP and SVW called for and got support of 15 other national and international NGOs to sign a letter to send to MARD on the suggest adjustments on the Decree 157/2013. The key issue is that there is no financial punishment for hunters who take hunting dogs or carry snare traps etc in protected areas.

Ministry of Justice has uploaded the last version of draft Decree that replaces decree 157/2013/ND-CP on their website. Ministry of Justice will conclude discussions before this draft version will send to Prime Minister in early December 2018.

The version of signed joined letter can be found here.

Raising Awareness of Wildlife Protection for the forest-based community in Pu Mat National Park

November 16, 2018, Pu Mat National Park (NP) in collaboration with the Save Vietnam's Wildlife (SVW) successfully organized the workshop "Discussing Solutions for Economic Development and Raising Awareness of Wildlife Protection in Pu Mat National Park". There were total 418 participants. Delegates and guests discussed three main topics: finding livelihood alternatives for local communities, raising awareness about protecting forest resources, and promoting the role of influential people in the community.

The workshops also called for actions from all delegates and guests, encouraged them to inform about forest exploitation, hunting, trading, captive breeding and wildlife trade through the hotline 0966 000 353. At the same time, we introduced the Facebook page "Cùng tôi bảo vệ rừng Pù Mát" (Together We save Pu Mat Forest) to raise awareness and support local law enforcement.
Please read here for more details.

Numerous people exploited forest resources were expelled and we seized a large number of traps and guns

This month, the Anti-poaching Team arrested 19 people in the forest that they were poaching, setting traps and logging. We expelled them from the forest, confiscated their guns and asked them sign reports. The team destroyed the great number of 2012 traps, in which there were 720 active ones, and burnt down 49 camps. Since June to November 2018, the unit has patrolled 909 km of the park, removed 2083 snares, arrested 75 people, confiscated 8 guns, and destroyed 255 illegal camps. These actions and the high-level of patrolling effort by this team have served as an example of best practice to the rest of the enforcement community in Pu Mat National Park. Please see report of this month below for details.

Donate for Anti-poaching Unit to protect wildlife

Many successful stories in the rescue and release of animals

“Protect the Wildlife We Love” Program

The launching ceremony of “Protect the Wildlife We Love” was successfully organized with nearly 50 delegates from MOET district department, School Board Members, Teachers and Parents of Yen Nghiep Primary School, Yen Tri Primary School, Ngoc Luong A Primary School of Yen Thuy and Lac Son District, Hoa Binh Province.

All delegates supported the program and expect that 100% of the class 3, 4 and 5 students of the 3 schools will be excited to participate in the program. The first trip of Yen Nghiep Primary School is starting in the middle of December. From December 2018, we are conducting two wildlife education trips per week, with are the trips for kids aged 5 occurring during weekdays and the trips for children aged 8 -10 occurring on the weekends.

Support Wildlife Education for children

Mobile Exhibition in reducing consumer demand for wildlife product

50% of the idea has been sketched using 3D graphics and we have been developing detailed content and finalizing the draft design and proposal.

The mobile exhibition simulation will be launched soon, then we will look for sponsors and partners to implement the project from the second week of December.

*Inside of container one

Many successful stories in the rescue and release of animals

Social survey on wildlife consumer demand in Ho Chi Minh City has been completed

Congratulation on our social research in HCMC! We have completed surveying more than a thousand people to understand their behaviors concerning pangolin products. All data will be analyzed by the University of Oxford early next year. More survey on the target consumers will be implemented in the second phase, expected in 2019.

On December 2, the whole team gathered together and nine project assistants received honor Certificate from SVW for their contributions. Many of them showed their aspiration in pursuing conservation careers and hope to be a part of SVW in the near future. We hope all of them will attain their dreams of contributing to Vietnam’s conservation work.

We won a 6,000 AUD grant for Vet facility

We are all so happy to share this news. We worked with Leanne Wicker, who volunteered at CPCP 12 years ago and she is also one of the SVW board members. Leanne submitted a video and proposal to the ‘Go Back<> Give Back Competition’. The Competition gives the returned volunteer a trip back to their Partner Organization and $6,000 to support the organization’s work. We are successful in winning the competition which was announced on the 5th December. 

Leane is a Senior Veterinarian at Zoos Victoria in Australia and she will be coming back to give a one-week training program to our Vet team and the grant will be used to buy medical equipment for the Vet clinic.

Delighting results from the Field Research Team

We’re still keep track of the monitored pangolins

SVW’s researchers collaborated with the science staff of a national park where we released the pangolins to continuously monitor five pangolins with transmitter. Two pangolins were always monitored and updated on the sleeping location as well as their habitat and home range in the last 4 months. The remaining 3 individuals may have moved beyond our regular surveillance area.

Camera trapping in Pu Mat National Park

The Field Research team is setting up camera-trapping systems in the entire of Pu Mat National Park, in collaboration with IZW. The team has completed 50% of the workload.

In November, Tan, Field Researcher, removed the camera traps that had been set up for two months to collect the results. Initially, some mammal species were recorded in the area, such as Spotted Linsang and Hog Badger (The photo was taken by camera trap).


The team has also completed a rapid survey in an area where Owston's Civet has recently been camera-trapped in Pu Mat national park. Five camera-traps were set: three near the same locations where Owston's Civets were recorded by other research groups.

Thank you!

We could never say enough. Without your continuous supports, we could not achieve as much as we did. 

Much love from Vietnam!


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