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Release Notes 19.10

We have great news today.

We've been putting in an insane amount of work into the product the past weeks and here's what's new!


Sub-accounts, brands, companies, teams are now live! Go and create your own or one for your corporate clients. 

Learn more about sub-accounts

German and Spanish

We've announced it last week. It's finally here: your Clust account in German and Spanish. Please keep in mind it's still in Beta. Share with us any improvement if you want!

Switch your language

Better File export & Cloud Sync'

We've made it easier for you to send your files to your Cloud storage. Just with the push of a button. Isn't it much better?

Connect your account

More forms fields

We've added more form fields to our Clust forms. Check them out in your Forms section, you now have 10 different fields. 

Check out the new form fields

Unique PDF download

You can export your uploaded files to your email as a ZIP folder but also as a unique PDF now. When using the collaboration feature, stakeholders can also download the files as a single PDF.

Learn more about unique PDF file export

Subtitles in templates, forms & applications

You could add a Header section to organize your checklists and forms. Now you can also add a subtitle or a text box if you'd prefer.

Adding a subtitle to your forms and lists

🎊Partner program🎊

Are you an agency? Join us and let's build together a long term relationship.

Get listed as an agency

What's better
  • We've added a visual marker for Logic jumps
  • We've fixed the 'Create password' content on the client interface
  • 'Validate an application' is now 'Close an application'
  • Capitalization issues have been fixed
  • 18 new currencies were added to the payment request feature
  • You don't have to upload a square logo anymore :-) 
  • You can add Merge Tags to the client interface welcome message
  • Elementor issues with WP plugin have been fixed
  • A 'Back to list button' added at the bottom of the forms page (Client interface)
  • You can now edit client records
  • Tasks and description content format have been updated (line breaks allowed)
  • Comments on wrong files now show in the admin interface as well
  • Mp4, mp3 formats were added to accepted files
  • Docx extensions upload issue fixed
  • Stripe secret key now showing as secret

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