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We start October with improvements for our entrance and terrace doors. Starting from 02.11.2020 new design hinges Dr.Hahn KT-V 6R will be implemented on terrace and entrance doors: ARCTIC, E-PASSIVE and ARCADE. Take a glance at all visual and technical benefits:


Reduced quantity of hinges – only two hinges per sash in all cases except of those with door closer.

Flawless appearance – bushing collar covers all adjustment gaps and no fixation points are visible in open or closed sash positions.

Supports 160 kg.

CE-certified with hinge class 14 for very high loads and thus may also be installed on emergency exit doors.

Extra safe – hinge fitting mechanism inaccessible for unauthorized persons due to external cover which can be removed only when sash is open and unlocked.

Extruded out of aluminium, powder painted.

Easier and faster adjustment in 3 directions (horisontal, vertical and pressure) through only one eccentric per direction and without raising or removing the sash.

Adjustment manual

Easier and hassle-free sash removal during installation. No need to release/fixate the hinges.

Installation manual with screws

Installation manual with brackets

Dr.Hahn hinges colors:

White (RAL9016)

Silver HAHN-F1

Brown (RAL 8077)

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