Challenging times call for creative adaptations. Here's what Montessori education looks like for us this year

Sacred Heart Montessori

Montessori early childhood education in Camden, NJ

What does Montessori education look like in the midst of the COVID pandemic? In pictures, here's what's happening at Sacred Heart Montessori in Camden, and an invitation to support our essential work!

cards and counters
pink tower
handwriting practice
Join us to provide Montessori education in our low-income community

Our families had the option of choosing all-virtual or hybrid (2 days in school & 3 at home)  Currently 2/3 of our students are coming in-person, and that will increase to 3/4 when families have the option to change learning models next month.

100 board

Children are in cohorts of 10 or fewer children for their in-person days. Per state and county guidelines, children and adults wear face masks

group time - energy from the sun demo

We're enjoying beautiful fall weather and taking advantage of our outdoor spaces for much of our group time, eating, and exercise

watering plants in our garden
outdoor snack time
the field
work out enthusiasts

We're working hard to maintain a sense of normalcy for the children, even with the challenges & changes. This has meant finding creative solutions to provide choice, independence, and social connection

sandpaper letters
place value cards

We prepared sets of materials for children to use on their home learning days. A lot of thought, time, and love has gone into preparing these materials!

Their days at home include:

-  A live morning group time video call with other students who are at home and one of the teachers.

- Short interactive videos for them to use with their hands-on materials, and some online learning tools (making sure that we aren't expecting more than 60-90 minutes of on-screen learning time each day).

-  Weekly individual video conference with our all-virtual students & their caregiver

place value cards
an alternative to metal insets
movable alphabet

The work of providing both virtual and hybrid education models, and all the planning, preparing, and communicating that goes with it, has been very time-consuming and at times mentally exhausting. But we know it is worth it - we see our students learning and growing, and their caregivers are frequently expressing their gratitude for what we are providing them.

Now, more than ever, our families are relying on your support for their children in these challenging times. Your partnership enables them to grow and thrive at Sacred Heart Montessori. 

Yes! I can help!

Thanks to your generosity through the fall and winter months last year, and the support of our matching donors, we met our partnership goal by springtime. This let us fully focus on the challenges of our sudden shift to remote learning in March! Thank you!

Again this year, we will have a matching campaign for all gifts made by Dec. 31st. Details coming soon! In the meantime, we wanted you to know that any gift you make now will be matched, doubling the impact.

Meet the Teachers!

meet the teachers video

We have two new staff members on our Montessori teaching team this year. Alejandra ("Ms. Ale") is leading Redbud classroom with support from Ms. Kristin, who has been with the Montessori program since we began. Ms. Chante joins me (Ms. Cheryl) in Maple classroom. Here is the video we made to introduce ourselves to our students before school: 

I am so grateful to be part of this fun, committed, and collaborative team!

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