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Caly kitty bringing me a stuffed skunk. She loves to bring me toys.

Summer is in full swing!

Midsummer is over and we're into the waning half of the year. I'm busier than I remember being during a summer season--indie publishing means I don't have to wait out the summer lull at most publishing houses, and for me, that is a wonderful thing! 

I thought you'd enjoy the picture above--Caly loves to bring me toys when I'm working and right before bed. She never wants me to throw them for her like Apple does...no, what Caly wants is for me to tell her what a "Good Girl" she is. She loves being Mama's helper!

So this month, I have several things to tell you about (along with the 4th installment of Bubba's story). I had a new release last week and I'm hearing wonderful things about how my readers are loving OAK & THORNS! If you haven't read the first book--THE SILVER STAG--you still have plenty of time to catch up. And IRON BONES--book 3--will be out August 6th!

In addition, I wanted to let you know that I've decided to re-release ALL of the Indigo Court books earlier than planned. By early August, they'll ALL be available in e-format! I'm not creating my own print version because Berkley still has the right to sell off their surplus. (Obviously, it's MUCH better for me for people to buy them in e-format). 

New Indigo Court Covers


So the first two books of the WILD HUNT SERIES are out, and the third is available for preorder. I'm starting the fourth--A SHADOW OF CROWS--shortly.

I also wanted to point to the release a friend recently had, in case you might be interested! 

Oak & Thorns Cover



When Herne and Ember are approached by the matriarch of a group of water-horse shifters to help find her cousin's murderer, the Wild Hunt is drawn into a dark and shadowed world of the Ante-Fae.

But as the team delves into the details of the grisly death, they uncover evidence of a string of murders that leads them directly into the court of Blackthorn. Caught in a mire of political intrigue and shadow magic, will Ember and Herne be able to bring the serial killer to light, or will the King of Thorns manage to silence them forever?








My friend Ann Gimpel (a lovely lady and a great writer) has a new release and I thought you might like to take a peek at it. She has the first three chapters free on her site if you want to check it out first! 



So that's all till next month. Bubba's story is below. Hop on over to my blog to keep up with even more news. I will be having a summer sale at the end of the month on a few books (no, Oak & Thorns won't be among them)! Be sure to keep watch for it and open it, or you might miss out!

So I'll be sending out August's newsletter a week early, on July 28th so you don't miss my sale!



And now, for part 4 of Bubba's story! For those new to it, I am serializing a short story I wrote about Bubba's origins and for now, my newsletter is the ONLY place you can find it. For those who haven't read any of the Bewitching Bedlam books so far, Bubba is a cjinn--he's part cat, part djinn, and he lives with Maddy, a 387 year old witch, on Bedlam Island in the San Juan Islands. There will be one more part to this story next month. Then I'll make it available in e-format and I guess I'll just have to write a new short story for the blog, right? 

When fun-loving witch Maddy Gallowglass moves to Bedlam to restore an old mansion and turn it into a magical bed-and-breakfast, the last thing she expects is to meet her match in the gorgeous vampire Aegis, a former servant of Apollo. 

Please do not post ANY of the story excerpts online anywhere or I won't be able to continue offering these perks. 

If you haven't read the first two parts, you can here: PART 1PART 2, & PART 3


Mollikins spent the day keeping the kits from running off. She had no trouble with Younger Son, he tended to stick by her as a matter of course. But watching Headley and the others was more problematic. The other four were more adventurous, and tended to take after their father. They wanted to go exploring, begging her to let them go just a little bit further, just a few more steps. Every time she turned around, she found herself yelling for someone to get their tail back to her side.

With Tarjan in the lead, and Mollikins in the rear, they began to explore the general area. She had to admit, Tarjan was right—this was a pretty area.

He led them down a forest path, keeping to the side so that they could duck into the undergrowth if need be. At one point, he stopped, whispering, “Hold it. Danger ahead.”

Of course, the kits wanted to see. Headley started to race up by his side, but he turned and cuffed her back, and she rolled over, coming to a stop by Mollikins’s feet.

“When I say stop, you stop. Danger here hides in many appealing forms. You see that creature?” He nodded ahead, at a long squiggly creature that reminded Mollikins of a salamander without feet.

Suddenly, she gasped. “Fire snake?”

“No, but it is a snake. And it’s poisonous. If it bites you, it can kill you.” He paused, then added, “And trust me, it wouldn’t mind swallowing a little cjinn for dinner.” He gave the cjinns a long, warning look.

At that, the kits huddled together near their mother, peeking around to get a look at the slithering adder as it crossed their path. It paused, glancing in their direction, then returned to its own business and soon vanished into the undergrowth.

“See, I told you,” Mollikins couldn’t help but say.

Tarjan let out another sigh, looking defeated. “There are dangers everywhere, my dear.”

“Yes, but at least at home we knew what we were facing. Here, the dangers are unseen and unknown. I will not have my kits in danger.” She hissed at him, but stopped short of swatting him. She didn’t want to set a bad example for the children, given he was their father, after all.

An hour later, they came to an odd looking structure. It wasn’t natural, it’d been created by humans, Tarjan said. Mollikins and Tarjan knew both what humans were, though the kits had never seen any. The pair had crossed a couple sorcerers who had attempted to gate them into this realm, but cjinn’s were a whole lot harder to summon than a djinn, a whole lot smarter, and definitely more difficult to control.

Which was why, the human world tended to know about the djinns rather than cjinns.

Finally, they found a place to settle down for dinner. Mollikins wished up enough mice for everybody, and they began to eat. The structure seemed innocuous, so they ignored it, at least for the time being.


Everybody was snoozing, taking a long nap after dinner, but Younger Son was wide awake. He kept being startled by strange noises. The little cjinn was terrified of this wide, wild, world, and he couldn’t help but question his father’s wisdom in bringing them all there. He shivered, hoping his mother would follow through with her threat to take them home the next day. He had seen quite enough, thank you, he didn’t want to stay here. There was too much danger. He could feel it in his gut.

He was trying to curl up and drift off to sleep when he smelled something. It smelled familiar, and yet it made him nervous. He sniffed the air, raising his nose.

Fire. He could smell fire.

Could they have returned home already? Perhaps while he had dozed earlier, they had returned to the realm of fire. If he found the fire, maybe they’d be safe and sound. Fire, he understood. Younger Son could talk to the flames, and they seemed to listen to him.

He cautiously stood, stretching. A glance at his mother showed him that Mollikins was deep asleep. He didn’t want to wake her, he knew how tired she was.

Although he was afraid, he thought that, perhaps if he found the fire, it could tell him where they were and how to get home to their meadow. And that would show how helpful he could be. Slightly confused, and still yawning, he padded over toward the structure.

He followed along the stone building, sniffing the flowers that grew near the walls, until he reached the corner. Pausing, he peeked around the edge. If he continued, he’d be out of sight of his family. But then again, all he would have to do is retrace his steps and he would find them, so he put on a brave face and decided to make his father proud. He would explore a little further. He so wanted to make his father proud.

A butterfly flew around his head and he batted at it, then chased a dragonfly for a brief moment before he came to the edge of the building.

As he peeked around this side, he could see a creature standing there, next to a flame. The creature was standing on two legs, tall beyond anything that Younger Son had ever seen.

Oh, Elementals were tall and huge, but they were always shifting, always moving.

This creature looked solid. His front legs were high up on his body, and he was furless, though he had strange garments hanging off of him.

This must be a human, Younger Son thought, watching, curious.

The flames were crackling, shooting sparks everywhere, and the smell of roasting meat hit his nose, making his stomach rumble. He had eaten his fill of mice, but this smelled delicious.

At that moment, another creature--much like the one standing by the fire—came running up.

Younger Son thought she was a female, given the feel of her energy, and her voice was shrill as she yelled something in a language that the cjinn didn’t understand. The creature standing by the fire answered back, and then took off, following the female down the path and into the forest.

Deciding that he had had enough exploring, Younger Son turned, intent on returning to his family. But then, he noticed an opening leading into the structure.

If he could learn something new—something that his father didn’t know—maybe he could win some points. He raced over to the opening, and peeked inside.


Yasmine Galenorn