On how to learn new skills, trust others and enjoy your career more.

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A. Book: How to achieve excellent results

Have you ever observed that when you really want something to happen, you may become tense?

Rising pressure actually stops you from achieving the goal.

One of the ideas is to treat any skill you want to improve from an observer’s perspective.

If you want to score 3 points in basketball:

a) define the goal (score)

b) trust yourself and just throw (without thinking too much about your position, the way you grab the ball, etc.)

c) observe the result and how you did it (find what you can improve)

d) do it again, but trust that your body will do it, don’t think about how you move, just focus on the goal.

e) you will eventually improve faster without overthinking and over controlling yourself

One of my friends said: “You need to be relaxed in order to react”. Having a relaxed but observant attitude is one way of learning I have picked up from:

“The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance” by W. Timothy Gallwey 

This book is and is not about tennis at the same time. I have never played tennis and still found it very insightful.

It was one of the most important books recommended to me during the International Coaching Community training program. 

Will you read it?

B. Idea: To Trust or To Not Trust

Be a control freak or be a naive sheep. 

Are these all the choices we are given?

How to navigate your way with people to be happy?

I have been conned multiple times by shady “friends” and “businessmen” as I didn’t sign contracts with them and just trusted them.

I have seen multiple people overthinking decisions, showing distrust and believing it will protect them from failure and missing opportunities.

All in all I believe that it is better to trust and observe than be overcautious, look for excellent conditions and miss out. 

To get there it takes a lot of painful moments to build a “trust verification pattern” and immediately see red flags to omit “bad relationships” but offer absolute trust to all the rest.

What is your algorithm for trusting others? 

C. Blog: How to enjoy your career

So few among us wanted to become a … (lawyer, surgeon, pianist) early on and kept walking this path until today.

Many of us just started somewhere and got stuck. Today we feel trapped in the comfort of our stable job, but feel unhappy.

Many of us have jumped from one role to another and still can’t find our place.

I have spent over 15 years working full time in different roles and looking for my vocation in coaching, books and experiments. 

I have worked with so many great people, so much brighter than me and they gave me great advice on their strategies.

I have summed up some of their best techniques and presented them in a webinar last week. 

Many of the 1400+ viewers found it helpful.

This is why I decided to develop it and write a post “Why I fired myself — The 3 pillars to designing a career that will make you happy”.


That is it for this Friday. Tell me which text was your favorite - A, B or C!

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Greg Albrecht

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