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Fear Rips Through Me
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Senyru, Humor, Life  •  2020-09-24
Shattered Mirrors
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Rondolete, Mental Health, Self Improvement  •  2020-09-23
Easter Flight
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Free Verse, Inspiration  •  2020-09-22
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This challenge was sent in by Denisse. The theme or phrase to use was, "Autumn in Uranus." For this challenge, I used a Japanese style of poetry called a Haiban with the short poem being a Sedoka.

As autumn comes the world will shift from summer’s sun to winter’s bliss. Red tones fade to blue, ice surrounds and the land’s subdued. Dim rings circle the eye; an ice land sitting in the sky. White flashes shift above, stars glisten and the summer’s done.

clear skies fill the night
a winter’s storm will soon strike
like a seventh wave to slay

seventh from the sun
his storms are second to none
as autumn will never come

When History is Erased

"Firestorm," a collection of poems and short essays that take you on a political journey, traveling through past events into the present day.

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Life II

Hells gate: A crimson fate. The afterlife: No retake.

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Micropoem, Death, Spirituality  •  2020-09-21

Beauty: Only skin deep. Use and regard them not; Disgusting individual. Shallow.

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Cinquain, Culture  •  2020-09-21
What is Penned

A poem penned Is a lesson learned; It’ s a feeling fought It’s an emotion earned; Embracing life, Evading strife, …

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Micropoem, Inspiration, Writing  •  2020-09-20
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