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Welcome to the latest Tax Justice Network podcast

Hello, and welcome to the latest Tax Justice Network podcast, the Taxcast.

In this special edition and first Taxcast of 2022, host Naomi Fowler speaks with tax and economic justice anti-corruption campaigners and experts in the UK, Europe, Africa, the US and Latin America. What are our hopes and fears for 2022? And what should we be looking out for?

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Subjects we discuss in this podcast include:

  • Brexit and London's finance curse
  • the EU's 'un-shell' iniciative aimed at tackling anonymous ownership
  • how the wrong kind of investment will drive monopoly power and loss of innovation
  • cryptocurrencies, digital currencies and the move away from cash
  • transformational progress towards Chile's new constitution,
  • the approaching showdown between Argentina and the IMF
  • elections in Brazil and Colombia
  • El Salvador's bitcoin experiment
  • the USA's Corporate Transparency Act
  • Biden's reversal of decades of tax collection cuts to the IRS
  • The US mid-term elections - to what extent might they hinder progress?
  • Africa's challenges with climate crisis financing and tax revenue losses
  • Kenya's financial transaction tax
  • different approaches to  cryptocurrencies by African governments

By popular demand here's the transcript of the show (a reminder that some is automated) 


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