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If you have an appointment...

Hello everyone!
I just wanted to send a little reminder to make sure you cancel your appointment if you are sick or are getting sick or coming off of being sickEven if you are feeling "ok" enough to get out of the house, it doesn't necessarily make it ok to get a massage. Massage can make illnesses worse. If you have another service with me as well, please follow the same advice. As much as I like sharing, it's important for me to not get sick and spread it to my other clients. Due to the new strain, coronavirus, it's good practice to put out a reminder for me to take as a business owner and therapist. I have all ages of clients, including immune compromised, so I don't want to spread it to them either.

Just remember to wash your hands well and avoid touching your face. In turn, I will be taking the same hygiene and sanitizing precautions as I usually do, but will be extra vigilant as well!

Remember, if you are sick and need to cancel, you will never be charged the late call fee. It's more important to me for you to get well and rest :) You can call or text me anytime at 414-209-2705 or email me at to cancel or reschedule.

Take care everyone and hope to see you all soon in your healthy bodies!


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