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MAY 31 2020 | LETTER NO. 2 | LET HER BE
Dania's Letters

Three years ago, when I made the decision to leave my 9-5 to follow a path I did not yet fully know, one of the signs I asked God for (and believe me I asked for many. Gideon and his fleeces had nothing on me) was stakeholder acceptance. Even though Ugo and I were just dating at the time, we were pretty serious and already talking future, so it was important to me that he at least accepted my decision even if he didn’t understand it.

I remember the mental preparation to have the conversation with him. I was like a lawyer preparing for a major case- conducting research, coming up with appropriate responses to potential counterarguments, highlighting reference scriptures etc. I got all my ducks in row to prove that I was indeed sure that it was God who spoke to me. Because that really was the question, wasn't it- how do you know it is God?

I remember presenting my case to him as we sat down to lunch at the office cafeteria. Did I choose this time and place where I knew we would be the cynosure of all eyes? We had lunch together every day for the six months we worked in the same building and of course, people talked about it. Did I think that being conscious of the eyes would soften the "are you out of your mind?" that was sure to be his reaction (and any sane person's, really) upon hearing that I was quitting a great job to...create (whatever that mean't)? I don't remember now if that was my reason, but it is not impossible that it was.

I remember talking at a mile a minute, tumbling through my points , trying to make sure that I got everything out before he raised his objections. When I finished, I sat ready, waiting to defend any and all objections with my well-rehearsed armour line, "do you want me to disobey God?"

And then this beautiful man opened up his beautiful mouth and said to me:

"It’s okay. I’ll support you any way I can, in whatever you do. I've got you."

Me: jaw to floor, blinking rapidly in disbelief, "whaaaat?"

Then he backed it up by paying for my first oven when I started the baking business.

Did you have a good week? A tough one? Did the world feel just a little too much?

Ugo would, a couple of years later, tell me that when I was speaking that day at the cafeteria, he was getting ready to counter with why the timing was off and why I should wait a couple of years, etc. But just as he was about to open his mouth to respond, he heard God say to him firmly, clearly, “Let Her Be.”

As I write this, it occurs to me that God could’ve used many phrases to convey His meaning; allow her, let her do it, don’t stop her, etc. However, being as deliberate as He is, He chose "Let her be". Perhaps, because He was also saying, "Let her be…[all that I have called her to be]."

On Repeat
As It Is (In Heaven)

I've had a tough week. I found myself overwhelmed by the circumstances of George Floyd's murder, along with all the other happenings in the world. As I sat and mused, I was reminded of another time a couple of years ago when I was similarly overwhelmed, this time by a looming deadline to which I had no answer. I had heard this song before, but as I listened on the drive to work that morning, the words came alive to me in a very different way;

Should I suffer long

This is not my home

I know heaven waits for me

Though the night is dark

Heaven [holds] my heart

I've got all I need to sing

In my minds eye, I saw myself transcend the situation and crawl into the Father's lap. Together we looked down at the seemingly insurmountable problem and it looked so...small. Insignificant. The earth with all its many flaws and problems paled in comparison with being seated with Him in heaven. Instantly, the worry disappeared.

I know You love me

I know You found me

I know You saved me

And Your grace will never fail me

And while I'm waiting

I'm not waiting

I know heaven lives in me

Since that day, whenever the world feels too much, I simply clamber up into the Father's lap and view the earth/problem/situation/from there; and instantly I am free.

Binge Jesus.

Last week, I came across a devotional plan on the YouVersion Bible App called The Heart of Man: Overcoming Shame and Finding Identity. I was fascinated by its format; one-minute  ethereal videos, followed by deep, thought-provoking text. I can't fully describe it, so please experience it for yourself here: The Heart of Man Devotional.

I was particularly intrigued by the videos, so I dug further and discovered that they were from an actual movie, a 2017 re-telling of the prodigal son's story. I haven't gotten around to doing so yet, but I plan to watch the movie sometime. You can find it here if you'd like to do so as well: The Heart of Man movie. It's rated 96% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.2/10 on IMDB.

Here's a 6-minute YouTube featurette of the film.

I hope your load is light this week, and pray you find rest. My email's in the footer if you'd like to write me back.

Live free,
Live free,
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