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Issue 031

Mad Mondays Issue 017
Pagan Moontide of Augustus 3, Anno Domini 2020
"Vindicate me, O Lord, for I have walked in my integrity, and I have trusted in the Lord without wavering." Psalm 26

Artwork:  Revelation  Artist: Mike Heath

The -isms and the I AM

For years now I have been warning about the rising fascism in our country. For just as many years, faithful people like you have been telling me that the problem is not fascism, but communism. I have quietly disagreed, and now I know why: tyranny is always Janus-faced. That’s how it wins: it lies.

Fascism, as a term, is the Italian word fasci, "a bundle of sticks,” used as a political analogy by World-War causing bigots of the last century. But “fascism," as a term used by bigots, did not describe their bigotry. Rather, it described their Machiavellian ruling hierarchy of sheer power. 

One keeps a bundle of sticks in line by picking them up and moving them with a stronger will than their own.

Communism, as a term, is very different. It is rooted in the obsessive-compulsive (and ultimately very lonely) mind of Karl Marx’s dis-utopian nightmares, a vision of a future paradise that, if nothing else, needs no Jesus.

The problem is that as awesome as communism always sounds, it cannot exist by itself. Material goods do not distribute themselves. There must be a mover. In this way, by hook or by crook, it is not long before the frenemy face of fascism must help move the communists’ manifestos along into practice.         

Communism always imposes a majority will onto the minority at the barrel of a gun. That's fascism

Fascism says, “Power is all there is.”

Communism says, “There is only capital; now, give us the power to move the capital.”

In this, fascism is at least half honest. Communism can only lie; to itself most of all. 

In this we see that the fallen human antidote to tyrants is mobs, and the fallen human antidote to mobs is tyrants. 

Meanwhile, Monarchy says, “I am."

Until next time,

Be strong, and let your heart know courage.
Rev. Fisk

Quick Hits for the Eyebuds

🔹 KFC-scented Crocs sold out in 90 minutes
🔹 Two unruly emus have been banned from an Australian pub
🔹  Camel fossil found in San Diego
🔹 Ornithopter: flapping drones
🔹 Whimsical hand drawn GIFs to make you smile
🔹 Some tips for preventing hearing loss in kids from headphones

Help Wanted:

Call for Mad Christians

If you’ve been keeping up with the SMChill’s, you’ve probably heard Rev. Fisk talk about how Mad Christianity wants to work with artists, authors, and other creators to publish people’s work in the Mad Monday for both parties’ benefit. The search is ongoing for an iconic manifesto, and now we have another opportunity:

With the kick-off of a few podcasts on Rev. Fisk’s podcast channel, we are looking for an artist or graphic designer to create promotional images, highlighting a quote or guest, to announce podcast drops on social media.

We who work with Rev. Fisk and Mad Christianity only do things we want to do, because we want to do them, and never out of guilt. If you are interested in sharing your talents, building your resume, or volunteering your time, consider becoming part of the Mad Christian team. Simply reply to this email or send in your questions and submissions to or

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That's what heroes do
Clickbait Paradise

COVID news

In studies, seaweed extract created a “trap” for COVID cells. Mask shaming was a thing in the 1918 Spanish flu. Rev Fisk came across this handy collection of articles from various sources outlining the evidence for the ineffectiveness of masks when it comes to viruses. The Director of the CDC agreed in a hearing last week that there is a “perverse” incentive for hospitals to attribute deaths to COVID, even when the patient likely died from another cause. 

What lockdown data from 10 countries shows - Daily Signal

Who’s a good boy?: A German study shows that dogs can sniff out coronavirus

Boys in blue and in Portland

What is happening in Portland? The footage and tweets from people “on-the-ground” seems to be at odds with the claims from many media outlets and politicians who claim that the protests are “mostly peaceful.” Rev. Fisk found this account from a Homeland Security agent who recorded what he saw. He concludes that much of the rioting seems less about police violence and racism and more about vitriol towards President Trump. 

Journalist Nancy Rommelman also decided to find out for herself and has written firsthand accounts after spending a few nights with rioters. She found a lot of things were being accurately reported but other things were being omitted. While the day time protests are largely peaceful, the night time crowd, not so much. And while the damage is confined to a few blocks of the city, she, a long time Portland resident, could not recognize the buildings that were so familiar to her. 

Rommelman said in a podcast that the rioters behaved obnoxiously towards Federal agents, goading them for hours. Federal agents were withdrawn from Portland, but she is not certain that this will bring the violence to an end. As she says, Portland is a city that “loves to march.” The Federalist concluded that the burning of Bibles at the riots reveals the true reason for the violence.

Staying with policing, this article defends the "broken windows” theory of law enforcement. The theory proposes that order in a community discourages crime. It promotes "proactive policing” to maintain that order and promote community engagement, as people feel safer. 

But these boys... Watching this boy’s joy at releasing his P.B. catch, a big bass, is what you need in these tough times. Another young man kept a bus driver company while her bus was broken down on a scorching hot day. Well done, kid! 


Amidst the antitrust hearings involving the executives of the biggest tech companies - Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple - news from last week investigated how Google manipulates search results to promote its own product, including YouTube videos. Another article looked into how big tech influences Op Ed pages in news publications all over the nation. Twitter account Rate My Skype Room brought some levity to the situation - likening Mark Zuckerberg’s digs to a “hostage video” and Google’s Sundar Pichai’s room as only needing some color to secure a perfect score. 

Garmin was recently the target of a huge ransomware attack which took out its online services for millions of users. 

The massive hack of Twitter reported last week, far from being the result of foreign agents as was speculated, has been traced to 17 year old boy from Tampa

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Lament for a friend and a nation

A poignant blog post from David French this week has gained a lot of attention, for good or for ill. French wrote about his friend, outspoken University of North Carolina professor, Mike Adams, who took his own life. In his typically gentle style, French uses the imagery of Isaiah 42:3 and points out that enemies are human too:

"That person you call an enemy is so very often a bruised reed—even those enemies who can seem most aggressive, most outspoken. Shall we break them in our righteous response? Because remember, the alternative to turning my cheek is striking his. One alternative to blessing is cursing. One alternative to kindness is cruelty. And cruelty destroys lives."

He goes on to say that in the culture wars, "We are a nation of bruised reeds, busy breaking each other. He laments that the dehumanizing character of cancel culture is destroying real lives, reducing the sum of a person to, at times, a handful of tweets. French quotes from Hamilton, where Burr’s remorse for killing Hamilton shows as he sings, "I should've known the world was wide enough for both Hamilton and me."

As we’ve noted before, this is a culture that demands repentance but never grants forgiveness. French concludes:

"Mike stood condemned in the eyes of the world. But God’s grace is sufficient for him. Mike isn’t canceled. His sin is. In God’s glorious presence, his good name is restored. Rest in peace, my friend." 

Only Illuminati Need Apply
Your Reaction Highlights

Last week, Mad Christian, Dreki recommended Beauty by Sir Roger Scruton, which is a philosophical exploration of what beauty is. Through the book, Scruton also tears apart the modern (post-modern) idea of art, beauty, goodness, value, and so on.

Dreki also recommended "The Fourth Age" YouTube channel, where the host discusses virtue and heroism in comics. He is rather ticked off by how the comic book industry has been overtaken by loons.

"Both of my recommendations last week regard the mental, philosophical, and moral degradation of humanity. Both also propose minor remedies, e.g.: make better stories by reading better stories --> Tolkien."


⏰ Rising security concerns over Tik Tok has led some influencers to leave for other platforms

🇺🇸 People in 30 states have been sent unsolicited packets of seeds

📱 The pioneering tech company no one remembers: General Magic shipped the first “smartphone” in 1994

✈️ Is there a pilot in the house?: Airbus has pulled off an autonomous take-off and landing

🇹🇼 Coolest. Grandparents. Ever: An elderly Taiwanese couple have posed in clothes left at their laundromat

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In the end, it's all Dust anyway:
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I know we said this last week, but come back next week for more Emberfall.

Let us pray:  Heavenly Father, though we do not deserve Your goodness, still You provide for all our needs of body and soul. Grant us Your Holy Spirit that we may acknowledge Your gifts, give thanks for all Your benefits, and serve You in willing obedience; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.