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A secret, by definition, remains unknown.

I just saw an Internet video titled "the secret power of music they don't want you to know"

Ah, these famous secret societies, so secret they even tell us their name.

Eternal student since I started music, I watched the video. Of course, nothing secret. Actually yes, because these things have disappeared from school books, but remain accessible to specialists or students.

When in the late 70s, I invented Z Le Mongol, my idea was: "since everything is fake in this civilization, I present you the representative of a fake mythology". And it worked very well. Except that I refused to build a business out of it.

Since then, I learned what a business is, and that there is a way to make a living from one´s craft without resorting to lies, especially when one cares about the sustainability of this badly damaged planet.

Indeed, almost all of what´s being offered today is distorted or fake, and as you probably noticed, the level of ignorance has largely exceeded the flood alert level.

But people are waking up, I just saw a poll "Do you think the only 2 real anti-system weapons are: education and boycott?"

Out of 1,196 participants, 75% answered yes.

(I didn't personally rig this survey, but it still gives a little idea and especially allows me to specify my justification for my work here: pedagogy).

Anyway, all this to tell you that, since my product is more in the domain of thought than physics - music, therefore sound universes happening in time - I sure will be happy if people buy, but there are also all sorts of derived products, many of which are in the same domain, namely ideas for a better life, and that I will announce in my future weekly newsletter. Naturally, you can always unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of this message, and otherwise, I look forward to your news or questions, just like the vegetable seller who has disappeared from your neighborhood. The same merchant who loves to find adapted solutions to exchange services, as mutual profits are not only measured in money. You only need to ask.

Otherwise, my new album The Wind Cries Satie is available on Bandcamp and all music thieves platforms (Spotify, etc.) since last month. Soon I will redesign my website with a direct shop that will allow me to avoid giving a too large percentage (15% at Bandcamp, though I´m very happy with their service). I'm also making several videos.

So I'll see you next week!

Take care, and let the wind cry


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