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Day 3 - Portree and Dunvegan Castle

First order of business today was getting my pants washed! I found a laundrette in the basement of a crayon yellow building in Portree. The UK has created an interesting problem, I discovered--their new pound coins are too large for their washing machines and can only take the old ones. Luckily the youth hostel that runs the place keeps a stash!

The wash cycle gave me time to explore the charming town of Portree, which turned out to be fortuitous because I'm not sure with my schedule I would have had time otherwise. Went shopping and explored and bought some gifts for giveaways, so keep your eyes open around release day for MUST LOVE MORE KILTS, just sayin' :)

Since the dryers seemed to have a long wait time and since I was anxious to get to Dunvegan, I opted to use the clothesline at my AirBnB and hoped it wouldn't sprinkle too much on my clothes (they were dry when I got back!)

I headed out around 12:30 on one of the one-laners and had to stop a lot--not because of cars but because OMG the scenery! I had to keep pulling over to take pictures and video!

I did also run across some cars, motorcycles, and even some brave (and strong) cyclists. When that happens, you have to scope out the road between you to see who has the closest lump (called passing lanes) and that person has to pull up there and wait for the other to pass. One guy didn't see me and he had to back up!

There's a sense of connectedness you feel driving like this--it's a team effort and there's also a level of trust involved.

Check out my photos and videos of the drive there and back!

At Dunvegan, I explored every part I could. Unfortunately, they were out of guide books, which I was hoping to have to help with my memory. And since you can't take pictures, I was the loon at the place measuring the dimensions of the rooms with my feet, and sketching out the floor plan, etc. I even sketched the master bedroom's bed and then found out it's too new for my time period :(

I also peppered them with questions, even stupid ones like--is the brown stuff out there seaweed? I literally asked the last question and was leaving when the bell sounded for 5pm closing time. I turned back around, to ask something else, and the door was shutting in my face LOL.

I also walked the grounds to get a look at the castle from every angle.

Also discovered some kinks in my plot I'm going to have to fix. There was only one bedroom at that time, and that was for the chief and his wife. I have a love scene for Duncan and Fiona there, so, um, am going to have to find some way around this as boinking in the keep with other people there would so not work.

Also discovered the land entrance wasn't there in 1689, so will need to revise the scene of their entrance.

Check out the photos of Dunvegan Castle!

This is my fave shot from this day

I also strolled around their beautiful gardens, even though they won't be in the book (because they weren't there yet)

Check out the photos of the Dunvegan Gardens!

And this magical spot in the gardens!

I topped the day off at The Isles Inn for dinner--asked for a local scotch, and was treated to a Talisker, which is near the SW corner of Skye.

Okay, I'm off to scout out more settings for the book today!

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