GLN Conference Report #1 – GLN positioned for the next 15 Years

GLN Conference Report #1

GLN positioned for the next 15 Years

October 15, 2017 – Bangkok, Thailand: 

During the course of the 15th Annual GLN Conference, GLN has made a number of exciting announcements which we would like to share with members who were unable to attend. Please take a minute to read:

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On stepping aside and assuming an advisory role, Andy Titley stated that “I have recognized that GLN's main weakness was in its level of prompt and timely communications with Members for which I am completely responsible.  While accepting responsibility for this, I am confident that with Ernst now at the helm, this will no longer be an issue:  During the past 2-months since joining GLN, Ernst has brought a breath of fresh air to our administration:  He has demonstrated his capabilities with solid progress in bring GLN’s technology and social presence to the next level and has instituted many new procedures benefiting all GLN Members. I’m pleased that with his pro-active communications, Ernst has also been able to attract a significant number of new GLN Members from referrals, direct contact and also former Members now seeking to rejoin GLN. As I assume an advisory role, I want existing GLN Members to know that these are exciting time for GLN as we position ourselves for the next 15-years and there is nobody more capable of managing the network going forward than Ernst. Please give him – as you have given me – the full benefit of your support, wisdom and friendship.”

Conference eNewsletters:

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