My partner isn't that great with detergents. Every time we have one on the grocery list, it becomes a huge back-and-forth — "Is the floor cleaning fluid in a green bottle?" and other riveting phone conversations (I swear I'm bringing this to a marketing takeaway).

A few days ago, there was a new batch of things we needed. I first got anticipatory anger at having the same conversations. Then I figured a solution — I simply put in the photos of each brand in our shared to-do list.

It's a simple thing that saves a ton of time and energy. And it's what you should aim for in your work.

Find repeatable things. The ones that leech precious minutes and even more precious emotions out of your day. Optimize it once and you'll reap the benefits for much longer.

Systems thinking is not a new concept. But we're so bogged down in the process that we don't see the full picture anymore.

So try to get some time out of the hamster wheel and see where you can lubricate it and make it run smoother. 

Be systematic,

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Things I'm enjoying right now

  • This playlist with recordings from the Wynter Games — the event is now a staple in my virtual calendar and the best thing is that its recordings are available and completely free to watch on YouTube.
  • This virtual event on innovation — I've been a long-time fan and partner of Innovation Explorer, an event that's been held in Sofia for the last few years. This time the organizers opted in for a fully virtual event, but they are keeping the same quality of speakers like the CIO of The Coca-Cola Company for EMEA Sabine Everaet and the business philosopher Rik Vera. Looking forward to it!
  • This Twitter account that shows you how much of the year has passed — I've included it in my Twitter shortlist, it's a great reminder of the passage of time and it gives me the motivation to try and make every day count.

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